Question for people in a clan (regarding locked boxes and recent patch)

Hello Exiles! I am wondering about the recent patch note which states:

  • Fixed a case where some placeables could be interacted with if you were not the owner and should not be able to.

Prior to this change, the mechanics of boxes, chests, and vaults meant that…

  • If not in a clan, any player can access an unlocked box, but only the player who owns the box can access it if the box is locked.
  • If in a clan, any player in the clan can access any clan-owned box regardless whether locked or not, while any player could access an unlocked box.

The change mentioned above causes many placeable containers to display a message that “You do not own this.” I am not currently in a clan, and I have found that I can no longer open other players’ unlocked boxes. As a result of this, my friends and I are considering forming a clan. (We didn’t before because clan ownership of containers created communication problems, as it was hard for all of us to keep track what is shared property and what is personal.)

So now… does locking a box when a member of a clan make it so only you can access that box? Or can clan members still access all clan-owned boxes no matter locked or not?

The Mrs makes them, I drop them, no need to lock anything on our server, so that be shut off.

This shows me you are playing on a pve server, because of all the griping fone about other players looting open boxes and crafting benches, the devs in their infinite wisdom put an end to all that by locking everything.

Which is a hugely dumb move. It makes it impossible for admins to replace items that were bugged. Kills player to player tradIng… stops donations etc and also makes migrating another clan a massive pain in the …

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I think be was being sarcastic. :wink:

Since posting this, I’ve learned that open containers can still be looted with the quick loot button, so I’m very sure this is just a great big bug. Hope the hotfix fixes it.

That is not always the case.

There are still issues with quick looting. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. I have not found it a reliable option to looting now that benches are locked down.

Also - you are not able to remove a posted thrall from a bench via quickloot.

For me as a PvP player, this is a very serious problem. Especially since when I inspect the bench, it informs me that it is “OPEN”. The way it is right now, it is very much not open, but instead CLOSED or LOCKED.

What this means for PvP players is that rather than just taking your stuff, we will have to literally destroy all of your workstations and benches in order to loot you. I do not believe that this is a gain or a plus for PvP play.

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When it comes to crafting stations, simply open the menu box like you want to craft something and you can still quick loot this way leaving the stations in tact.

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