Question on scripts

I’m trying to create a script with a link using hyborian font. Anyone know the exact command to run that script?

So far my attempts have been met with failure.

And to be clear. I am able to get the script working with a link. I cannot however, get it to display hyborian font

C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan\Scripts\ConanStatsAll.txt

“<“font face=‘HYBORIANLARGE’></font”>”
Make sure to open “<” and then to close “</” the fonts.
The above without the “” i had to put them because this chatbox is formatting them.

When in game just type /ConanStatsAll.txt
If the file does not have the extension just type /ConanStatsAll

There is also HYBORIANSMALL less annoying to read.


Got some ingame help from a friend. thank you though!

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