Question on using this fourm

Question: How am I to write a fiction continued through various posts if the reply limit is 3 and I can’t continue?

Could you not just start a new post? With Part # or some such in the title?

As you continue to use the forum, your “trust level” will increase and limits will be relaxed. Since this is a free, open forum, we need protections against potential spam and abuse. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Oh, a little idea, can someone post some short comment there so I can carry on for 3 more shots, its kinda childish of a solution but I don’t feel like pausing it or I’ll give up on it entirely …

I manually adjusted your trust level so you should be able to post more. Use responsibly :wink:

I don’t know, tried but still the same issue, I’ll wait a day or two and try again but worst case some brief comment to skirt the system might work …

What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe I can help with that directly.

just trying to reply to continue the story, keeps telling me that theres a 3 reply block and I have to wait till someone else replies …

Oh, I see. Yes, currently we only allow 3 consecutive replies before you need to wait for someone to reply. I’ll bump up the limit to 15 for now and we can investigate other options later.