Editing forum posts

Quick question: Do these forums allow you to edit messages after they have been posted?

Edit: It appears that the answer is Yes, at least for a topic you created.

What about replies?

Edit: Yes, at least if your are replying to your own topic. Looking at a reply I made in an old thread (to another user’s topic), I am not able to edit it. There are apparently some limitations on this, but it would be good to know what they are.

You will see a row of Icons on the bottom right hand side of your Post. One of these resembles a Pencil. Click that. You will then be able to Edit your Post.

As far as I know, you can only edit a Reply if you Quote it in your post, and it only appears that way in your own post.

There is a time limit in play. After some time both posts and replies become locked.

If you want to have infinite edit (like an OT guide being updated) ask an admin make it into a wiki post. NB: Everyone at Basic level and above can edit that post.

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Hmmmm… I plan to make a thread for my MOD. I was hoping messages could be edited indefinitely as updates are released. Looks like I’ll need to take a different approach. Thanks for the info.

At least the forum post I made for the continuing Shambala Event I’ve edited over 30 times now. Never really asked an admin to give rights to allow that I just thought infinite editing at least for the OP was always a thing. Its possible an admin gave privileges without me being aware though I suppose.

Correction 47 edits so far

Just ask one of the admins, maybe andy to make it a wiki once you hit the time limit.
Had to do the same with one of my topics and worked without issue even months after the initial creation.

It’s a fairly long time based limit. A few months maybe? Mostly it’s been affecting some of the early index posts, which are fairly easy to work as wikis, but knowing it’s coming makes it easier to write posts for ongoing projects.

The mod index is wiki’d, so it might work as a place to list versions and release dates, but might get a bit too crowded if we slipped change lists in as well.

Don’t bug Andy for that kind of thing as he’s a busy bee. Any of the Moderators can make posts into wikis, but as Peloprata said it takes a while to lock. Just go ahead and make your mod post @SuperJenius and let me or another Mod know if you ever need help with it.

Edit: I see you have already made the post :smirk:


I checked my posts and it seems I can edit 2 months old posts but not older. 2 months and 2 days is not editable already.
Also, from discourse help desk, it’s some default forum settings:

max_edits_per_day: 30
default: 86400
max: 525600

Can’t find more than this.

Measured to the minute the default is 60 days and max is 1 year.