Cant add media and links to the post!

Hello. When i try to create a new post here system says
Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.
Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

So, i cant PM any moderator here too, thats why i started this topic. Can you please help me?


Hi and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
I’m still only half awake and can’t remember the exact requirements for posting different things (and can’t find the relevant section of the forum guidelines), but I’m pretty sure it comes down to reading and interacting with other posts. Another alternative, if the issue you need to communicate is important, would be to put together a post about it (making clear that you have relevant media to show what you are discussing, but can’t post it yet as a new member) - a moderator may be able to bump up your membership level to allow posting (or may just message you direct to get the relevant files from you). Alternatively, you can ‘shout’ out to the moderators by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by ‘community’ - but it’d probably be good to include some details of why you want their attention.
I hope that helps :slight_smile:


strange forum, i cant even PM anyone here. Not CM and Moderators. I want to post guide with hyperlinks and screenshots but i dont see any reason to post guide without them…

Sorry, new users can’t mention other users. - i cant even mention anyone

Just keep replying and eventually you’ll be able to.

Eventually you’ll be able to share some abominations with us (inside community joke).


I believe it comes down to discord’s rules, rather than this forum specifically (I could be wrong). We had a conversation at one point about the swearing filters (which I still maintain achieve nothing of any meaning) and much of that turns out to be just how discord works, rather than something Funcom directly controls, so I’d guess this situation is similar.

As @Taemien says, replying and general interaction should raise your level to a point where you can.

What are you trying to provide a guide to? I can understand not wanting to try to post the actual guide without relevant media/links - but maybe a synopsis might be viable?

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guide how to upgrade game graphics cause i cant edit old one that was created 6 month+ ago. Without links to files and screenshots its useless. Its already uploaded on nexus mods and reddit only this forum has so much trouble with creating posts.

It seems after some posts i can finally post media here too.

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Rules are rules. Your trust level needs time no matter how odd it looks to you.
Welcome to the community.
If you have a bug report choose your console and follow the steps of completing the report.
If you have other issues like harassment or gaming cheats gather evidence and send ticket to Zendesk, it is not allowed to this forum.
If you have questions choose the players helping players section.
If you want to promote your server choose the section again.
If you want to thank devs, feel free to do it in this post, they will be informed.
If you want to chat with them…
Good luck, this will never happen.
It is not allowed to send private messages to admins or devs unless your trust level is good enough. Yet again to receive an answer will not be so easy, they do not encourage this unless it is necessary.
Last but not least read the forum rules, it is very important, the most important actually.
Here we are all players, chating, wishing, complaining, arguing, having fun, helping each other and suggest.
Again welcome to the community exile :+1:t6:


I think almost all of the forums I’ve joined (maybe 30 to 50 in total) have been pretty much the same thing. New users are highly restricted at first.

Im not in common with european forums, russian ones dont have that thing. Its solved already, i posted what i wanted


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