About Funcom Support and How to Get Help


“Players Helping Players” is where you can ask for help from the rest of the community!

Our hope is that our players will be able to find as much helpful information as possible as quickly as possible. We encourage people to chime in and answer their fellow players’ questions as best as they can. The more we curate and maintain these posts, the better this resource can be.

Support Request Guidelines
More information and better context we have when we first receive your report helps us to help you faster and more accurately.

  • Include your platform: [XBoxOne], [PC], [PS4] in the topic is perfect
  • Include your server information: Official Server number, private server name, local play

Join Us! Help us make information available to everyone so that you can do what you love most, get back to the game!

If you would like further help from other players, share your screenshots, and keep up to date on news, join us on the unofficial Discord: https://discord.gg/5252dZh

Losing stats? not a rollback