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If you’re looking for how to contact Customer Service directly:


Please note that while we’re happy to look into any issue presented on the forums, we cannot resolve billing issues from here. Remember, this is a public forum.

For your own safety and privacy, please DO NOT post sensitive billing or account information in this forum.


Update for 2021: This has been the case for quite some time now, but to be transparent and official; the support forums are currently not officially monitored by GMs and Customer Service staff.

I do sweeps on this section approximately once a week as long as I have time, and I will respond to posts or tickets as I am able to given my level of access to customer service tools and time permitting.

What I can help with:

  • Basic account issues (ex. failed payments, frozen accounts)
  • Forward tickets that require the attention of a specialist (ex. PayPal, payment verification)
  • Check on the status of a ticket
  • Anything to do with the forum (ex. formatting bugs, moderation)
  • Questions about offers, events, issues

What I cannot help with:

  • Ingame issues (ex. Missing items, quest bugs)
  • Suspensions or Bans

Our policy regarding account details has not changed; we cannot disclose sensitive account details in a public space.

When applicable, I convert support topics to personal messages with me and the OP and remove any responders from the thread. If that is not possible, I will leave a reply on the topic to confirm I’ve followed up or sent a reply to a ticket. If you notice support topics vanishing, it’s because I’ve converted the thread into a personal message so I can speak with the OP directly.

Please note that I am not officially a customer service representative or a GM, so my official duties take priority. I appreciate your patience and understanding while GMs work to address your requests, or if it takes time to have your forum thread answered. <3