Question to owners or people on private servers

I own my own server, there are not any severe problems except for the inventory full but which causes you not to be able to interact with doors. Those of you who wiped or are on freshly wiped servers did it fix anything?

I have a server that was wiped 2 days ago and we don’t have this issue, we did on testlive but we moved back to official with the new big patch. Idk if that helps u.

Haven’t had any such problems on ours. We wiped as well.

Manbot71, are you saying that if your inventory is full you cannot interact with doors? We haven’t come across that issue but I’ll test it out this evening on our non-wiped g-portal server running testlive.

Yes I get the message about my inventory being full and then I cant interact with doors. It also seems to do a weird disconnect. Like I can remove the door and walk through but the door disappears from inventory. When I reblog an back where I started and the door was never removed

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Sorry, I wasn’t able to confirm that bug on my unwiped g-portal server. Do you have steps on how you could reproduce it? None of my players experienced it either.

Seems to mainly occur just hanging around my base. This goes for anyone else. We’ll be in discord and one of us will get it and then a few seconds/min later someone else willl