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There seem to have been some changes to some stat bonuses on some items, as well as some items not accurately reporting what their stat bonuses are, and I am not sure if this information is accurate- Vaulting Pole

Can anyone verify that Vaulting Pole is an Agility Weapon?

Thanks in advance.

It is indeed an Agility weapon, along with Baal -Pteor’s Razor, and the Bec-de-Corbin Hammer.

And Blade of the Adventurer.

And the Tulwar of Amir Khurum (1H Sword)

But if you want an Agility Spear, the Black Dragon Pike is superior to the Vaulting Pole :+1:

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I have over 70, all Strength

I have pulled two Strength Tulwar and two Agility Tulwar since AOW started.
All my Black Dragon Pikes are still strength.

Go single player, MakeMeAdmin, spawn them, check :person_shrugging:

I’m on PC, just in case that changes anything (it shouldn’t, but with Funcom you never know)

Can confirm Black Dragon Pike and various mentioned here are indeed intended to be agility weapons. It has made me into a spear user XD

Any weapon pre-existing in your loot would retain their stats if I understand correctly.

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I believe any legendary weapons you had before the patch were not updated.
There might also be a requirement that they had durability damage (ie: if they were “used” they were not subject to change)
If you had legendary weapons on your thralls, they wouldn’t have been taking damage, and therefore didn’t get updated from Str-based to Agil-based.

I’m basing this on what I’ve read on the forums, I wiped my map and started over with Age of War, so I can’t confirm.

If you’ve pulled multiple copies of the same weapon since the patch, and some of them were Strength based and others Agility based, I would say that’s a defect that should be fixed. I can’t imagine any designer thinking that would be a good idea. :frowning:

The items are accurately reporting what attribute they scale with.
So whatever your item says ingame is correct, regardless of whether it was changed in the update or not.

The attribute items scale with gets immediately saved to the database upon the item spawning, without any need for the item to take damage or be modified with a kit like in the case of their damage stat.
This means that any items you have from before AoW, regardless of their mod-kit status scale based off their pre-AoW attribute.


All weapons that were in storage were all changed to the new stats. I had even pried off kits before the patch, and their stats were updated, but their durability was not restored. Weapons that still had kits on them remained as they were.

I play on PS5, but I doubt that makes a difference.

I’ve pulled 50 weapons or so since this chapter started, and what is reported here isn’t always the case. I have not gone single player and used Admin though.

Confirmed. I use it with both my encumbrance and agility builds and it works as promised. Honestly I’m never disappointed to get another vaulting pole.

Black Dragon Pike is another agility based spear. So far I have only seen those 2 spears for agility based damage.

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