[Question]: Weather Control?

Playing in Single Player with Admin access, how can I take control of the weather in-game? I’ve seen on the admin panel options like “Freeze Time” and “Freeze Sky” but not sure what they do. I’m guessing “Freeze Time” means no day and night cycle and “Freeze Sky” means no weather cycle. Is that correct?

My goal is to eliminate the rain in the game. I was all for the the weather effects until I tried building bases in areas where it seems to rain constantly. Yes, having rain is more realistic. But I want to enjoy the game, and right now, the rain is not making it enjoyable (at least, for me). So how do I turn off the rain in single player?

Tried “Freeze Sky” but it didn’t freeze. Sky kept rolling on.

Tried reducing “Weather Severity” to 0 but as soon as the Admin panel closes, it reverts back to 50. Tried reducing “Weather Severity” to 1, but the same thing happened. Close the Admin panel (even after hitting “Apply” a few extra times). Open it again, and its back at 50.

Anyone have any ideas?

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