Queue Pop: Open Beta #3 - Weekend of August 22nd

Hello everyone!

We are going to be running another open beta weekend, starting Friday August 21st, and ending the morning of Monday August 24th.

We’ll have updated patch notes post as we get closer to the weekend. But in the meantime, a quick tease of what is in store:


  • 3rd tier mechanics (ie “Nightmare”) now start at Elite 8.
  • Several new mechanics have been added to all Elite dungeons (except The Penthouse) starting at Elite 14.
    • Warning: Some of these are fairly deadly. You may need to change the way you approach certain bosses.
    • Several of these mechanics interact with purges, and a pass has been done on player purging capabilities. Some abilities have been reduced in effectiveness while other abilities have been given purges.

Let the speculation begin!

I hope to see you there,
-Chris “Nirvelle” Meredith


The open beta is up! Good luck in the dungeons! For the duration of this weekend, The Penthouse has been removed from the Elite 17 dungeon queue. It can still be accessed via the leets in Agartha.