Quivering Arrows Question

I’ve only ever seen the Quivering arrows when they are spawned in. I know you are supposed to get them from the boss bat in the Unnamed city but I’ve never gotten them. What is the drop rate? How many do you get at a time? What is the best tool? Is it worth even trying?

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The Winged Death should simply have a chance to drop them. But I think it won’t drop them if it drops another weapon.


I never got any from harvesting. All I ever got was from drop.
I never tested them too, I can’t say. I tested the hollobone arrows from the children of jhil. Their drop rate is awful too but they are super powerful, and the “bats” are many, so this makes things much better.
I wish all the bats of unnamed city, would have a chance for dropping quivering arrows. We would had a really good reason to farm them. Or… They do and I don’t know it yet?

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