Quivering Arrows, rarest of all drops?!

Hello everyone, so I just hit my 50th kill on the UC Albino Bat, and not a single quivering arrow drop, does the %drop rate are that low or am I just bad luck ?

Sometimes I wonder if these arrows could be crafted with the Albino bat parts like dragon bone, very expensive tho so it can be made too easy.


Got them at my first kill and since then, nothing… but I am not at 50kills. Probably around 20

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Its the great lottery at work. One day I had them drop 3x, some days its just poop. (Literally, last time I killed the white bat, he had dung on him. )


I see, and do you remember how many arrows came?

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing happened to me.
Got 81 off him the first time I killed him and nothing since. Must be getting near 100 kills now.

I have literally got more dung than arrows.

interesting, at least it drops a good amount.


If it’s 81 in 50 or 100 kills then they are of no use at all.

I want them for pvp.


That’s pretty much what they are good for. With the right attrubutes and bow and these arrows you can do some serious damage.

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u mean in the hands of a volcano fighter thrall equipped with red mo bow?

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Nah, they don’t do headshots :stuck_out_tongue:

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neither does anyone in pvp that I’ve ever been hit by. AOE clouds sure, precision munitions, no.
But specd properly, yeah that’s a 1 shot


I have a combined 200 stack I used with red mother bow.

Not being a ranger build, I was not impressed.

Then they are of no use for PVE servers.

Just for “cheesing” some bosses, when you have no fighter thrall.

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the perks help (strength perks as well) but the accuracy points raw damage adjustment makes enough difference

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You can kill the most strong thralls in the game (volcano, sep, uc and mofd) pretty fast delivering some serious dmg with Acc 5th perk.

And most of npcs around the map will die 1 shot.

If you do not miss. Those arrows are TOO hard to get.

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I’m happy with the Dragonbone Arrows. Just make sure you have a T3+ carpenter to craft them. I had plenty of dragonbones after weeks of demon blood farming :vulcan_salute:t3: