Racing Achievement on Dragon Spine

Hi I just need the Dragon Spine racing achievement but I am unable to find the starting flag (not even the ending one btw). I searched for it everywhere in the map but nothing, I’m even doubting now for its very existence :smiley:
Anyone who did this can please share it? :slight_smile:

There used to be a site with all the racing flags, apparently it is offline.
I can tell you the coordinates once the servers are online again.

Start 960/185 (Entrance Wyrm)
Finsih 850/700 (Entrance Cetriss)

tyvm :slight_smile:
yes I saw that site too only the youtube video of chosain was still accessible

Either start or finish is at the entrance of the dungeon “Sepulcher of the wyrm”, but can’t remember the other spot ), maybe near Oasis, but might be wrong.

thanks i’ll check that :slight_smile: i was sure to have inspected well that zone probably I missed it because of nightime

Thank you very much :slight_smile: starting is there at left of the entrance, finishing one is in front of palace of cetriss, I was indeed blind when I checked before lol
btw 130 seconds for veteran mode 165 for aspirant