Raid time shortened?

Anyone notice raid time has been shortened on official servers by an hour . My raid hours use too be 5pm -11pm it is now only till 10pm and servers that use to start at 4pm-10pm now start at 5 pm :woman_shrugging: Don’t remember seeing this in patch notes but maybe I just missed it

It is 18h / 23h in EU instead of 17h / 23h like before. This change is not new.

Please extend raid times and let us do PVP on … PVP servers!!!

PVP servers are now 80% of the time PVE-C servers.

Raid time must be 16h / 24h for week days and 12h / 24h the week end.

Games like rust and ark do not have raid times and have many more players.

Imagine me, with modestly improving technology, psyched up and standing spear-tip to the business side of a door. At 1700. For the first 10 days.

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There were maybe 2-3 Eu servers that raid time started at 18-24 I was in one for 3 years … it has now changed too 18 -23 , and friends in other Eu servers it was always 17-23 now it’s 18 -23 …

I’m in the Uk so 5pm -11pm changed too 5-10
4pm -10pm changed too 5-10

Imagine not even finding out for 10 days coz exiled lands was dead I didn’t even notice lol


I personally believe this is a bad Idea. Here is why:

Buildings are weak in Conan Exiles, and The Thralls are not as effective as the turrets in other games (to my knowledge). It is possible to flatten a single layer or basic honeycomb base in CE in <3 hr. This means that in order to have any chance of defending your base, you have to be online the entire raid window.

Asking a player to Play a Game 6 hours a day to prevent losing progress is a bad idea IMO.

Not everyone has a 8h/17h job. Some peoples work on evening or have others actvities.

Playing on US servers from EU is not good, bad ping.

As a solo player, you can not raid another player medium base if the user is online.

So I think it is good to extend raid times, and add better defenses for base. and it will force players to build better!

It work for Rust and Ark, why not here? :slight_smile:

I agree with you about “Add Better Defenses For Base” but extending raid times should not happen until those defenses are in the game. As it stands, buildings are way too weak, and thralls are way too stupid (not like the almost perfect “Aim Bots” of Ark Turrets. Currently sufficient defenses are not in the game.

As it stands now, a solo player can destroy a honeycombed mega-fortress in a single raid window.

If you have a single layered T3 base, your entire base can be robbed in the time it takes you to shower.

Can’t speak on Ark, but been playing Rust. The base building there 8s not the same as Conan. It is purely for storage, and not mega castles. Plus with monthly server wipes, the idea of the game is to try and SURVIVE until wipe. On Conan, the idea is to keep building and building. So not really same game types. One is building simulator, the other is survival.

They need to just activate 24/7 with the Dynamic building damage setting that protects your base if clan is not on. Would make for a far better pcp raid experience than the 80% farm time and 20% body vault time the way it is played now.

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