Raided for free, bug slaves and animals

Game mode: [Online | pvp server
Problem: animals and slaves dont attack other players
Region: America

Hi, im really dissapoinment whit the game because i was raided yesterday by 4 people, the thing is, im not complain about being raided, i undestand how the game works y pvp, but when i was in battle against raiders my animals and slaves, (in proteccion and guard mode) literal just keep watch how the raiders destroy everything and no move one sigle finger, they kill everyone slave and animal without a response, i see whith my own eyes, im pretty sure the slave and animals was in defend mode, so i lost hours and hous of farming, building and to many things because of this, im really angry, in fact not for be raided, is for the passive and free way that raiders found coz of this. where can i report that? what can i do?

thanks hepe someone can explain me what happen

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.animals passive mode
2.slaves dont attack other players

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if its any consolation, even if they did fight back at most they would have been speed bumps without you having a pretty good player defense.
Animals can be killed quickly or gassed. Guard thralls can be knocked out with blunted pikes and dragged away (to be stolen or killed later) and unless they have good gear and are placed in kill-zones they can also be killed pretty quickly too. Unless your base is covered by a bubble and built up high (typically a pillar) your base can be plowed through pretty quickly by a few players.

Me and my friend has this happened to us recently, our alpha pets sat and watched as everything was being destroyed and they were being killed, we switched servers and others people pets seems to be trying to chase us down and such but I haven’t seen anyone come near our stuff to test yet, but I do know our animal pen was surrounded by animals and someone managed to Walt’s in and take everything without a single pet doing anything, hope it was a one time thing one the new server

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Just now again I watched my tiger stand there as a spider was beating on him and him nor the tiger next to him did anything, my shellbacks on the other hand are attaching everything, so is my elephant, but the tigers are new? Maybe it takes a while before they attack or do stuff?

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