Raiders Lands PS4 Looking For New Recruits

Raiders Lands is a one month old PS4 server looking for new players. We’re a PvP server but want everyone to have a chance to build up before getting thrown into clan warfare. Which is why we offer all new players a seven day no raid guarantee as long as they themselves don’t attempt to raid anyone in those seven days.

Server Launch: June 6th
Slots: 35
Clan Max Size: 8
PvP: 24/7
Raid Times: 5-12 Seven Days A Week
Harvesting: 3X
XP: 3X
Avatars: Yes, Sixty Second Life
Weekly Events: Yes, Both PvP And PVE
Arenas: Yes, Both Small And Large.
Discord:Yes, invite code DwKw3FA

We’re trying to build a PvP community that doesn’t promote hand holding but gives everyone a fair shot at being competitive without being wiped off the map before they have a chance. Regardless of experience level.

Our Discord community is also very relaxed and willing to help any players who need it. And you’ll get five free skeleton keys just for joining.

And while it feels weird to promote myself I think I’m a good Admin and my players seem to agree. I enjoy helping my players and giving everyone a good experience. I don’t play myself to prevent any doubt that no admin abuse is occurring in my server.

So if you’re looking for a fairly relaxed server that’s growing bit by bit with an awesome community gives a try! We still have tons of good real estate available.