Raidfinder - Tips & Tactics (eng/de)

Too bad AoC doesnt have an addon equivalent to WoW’s DBM, would make a lot of tactics easier to follow even for beginners.

Theres quite many players and raidleaders in the game not comfy enough with strats and executing them, that uses a call out addon that someone made in reqnex. It also shows visual indicators of mechanics.

You mean the textes are too long. I know that, thatswhy they are published. Anyone interested in strategies in this fight can read this out of fighting and knows a bit more about what happens in these fights.
For the others, just riding with the raid, does t makes no diefference, if these scripts are shorten for tactics or completed with all, what happens. They wont read it anyway…
And yes, this is not WoW, and thats the 2nd best fact of this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Still, while not being wow, a DBM like addon would at least make people do the strats and they wont forget to do them either.
It will also be easier to see if people are just too lazy to do the strats, so “I dont know the strats” won’t be a viable excuse anymore.
Of course, since there is no such addon (and likely wont see one considering that at least on first glance, AoC ain’t addon friendly) the hope for smoother raids is rather small.

Thanks for posting! Nice scripts, a bit too word-y and basi+sheng cannot download the files. Some mistakes in rf_3bro:

DDs with aggro of Diamone hide weapons and get kicked

  1. no need to hide weapons. just stop hitting
  2. kicked… from RF? you mean knockbacked
  3. Daimone not Diamone

Living Storm<

  1. that’s Living Firestorm

AoC RF-The 3 Brotherscreated by Percuso

5.obvious lack of space before “created”

Thx for pointing the mistakes, 3bro is corrected now…just load it a again…
Basi and Sheng are uploaded spearately now, was my fault, I just put online the collection…

P.S. I know, that I have used many words. The script are a bit unhandy for being posted directly before fight. They are better to read it while waiting for a RF :wink: