Raids work as well as purges, ya

Got my raidme base setup, womened, set the treasury and clicked go… no place to set up a camp :unamused:
I’m in the middle of the desert, there is nothing around my base.

Reset my base a bit because it a trap not a keep so an opening in and doors to the treasury. So I set up an unnecessary gate in front of my wide open treasury; this was just going to be a low level test. Clicked go and got a raider camp.

The exiles started coming in in a nice line, I was standing there dropping them as fast as they came, then saw a group head off to the other side of my base to the back door. Ran back there was, followed by a group, the door was already gone, my dancer dead and they were working on breaking doors down from the back side. Ran in killed them all; didn’t notice something, ran out and destroyed the steps.

Ran back to the front and in to the fray, got over whelmed died. My bedroll was not an option for respawn. That is what hadn’t noticed, they destroyed my bedroll.

The place was swarming when I got back, half a dozen big guys with battering rams, no gate, no gate frame, no treasury. But my fighters were up and going strong, Then I hear a familiar noise as about half a dozen NPCs go flying.

Some how they drew in the giant scorpion from on out back of my keep. Caught up in the swarm I went down.

Ran back, my base never rezed in, so floating archers and me rubber banding off walls I couldn’t see, and the scorpion just running a muck taking out archers, as the raid went on. I logged, done.

2 gold plates, level 2 purge. Lost 12 archers, 2 leveled and 4 not leveled fighters; 5 T4s went down. All for 2 gold plates. Base is chewed up, so need to give this a rethink. Glad its an opt in thing.

Now If I remember right I just unlocked the stone cutter bench in small land.


I’m very interested to this:

2 gold plates, level 2 purge. Lost 12 archers, 2 leveled and 4 not leveled fighters; 5 T4s went down. All for 2 gold plates. Base is chewed up, so need to give this a rethink. Glad its an opt in thing.

Of course you understand that saying “archers” and “fighters” means nothing.
WHAT fighters and WHAT archers ? How were they equipped ? How were you equipped ?
Base was T1 (sandstone) ?

T3-4 archers which do no good against a world boss. Fighters were the same. They were doing fine fighting raiders, it’s that giant scorpion that really devastated everything. And it wouldn’t have if doors and wall meant anything. Seems beasts can walk through doors and walls now.

But that isn’t the issue, the raid is supposed to end when they have your treasure, it didn’t, it kept coming, kept get stronger. The gate was gone, the treasury destroyed, and they just kept coming with stronger and stronger enemies. The raid didn’t end till I gave up and logged off.

Still trying to figure out how that giant scorpion from over the other side of my base got involved. It was opposite from them so they didn’t path past it.

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I see your point. I was just trying to figure out how strong they were, but if the problem is the world boss I should have no troubles.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you. Especially on Archers which would really need some GREAT buff (like x10 damage) to be at least decente (and still weaker than fighters).

BTW there are other things that affects how thrall fares against enemies (especially bosses).

  • Gear (how were they equipped ?)
  • Faction (they weren’t exiles, were they ?)

But I think you know that better than me.
Or there is a specific reason why so many thralls lost to that boss ? IDK, like … they got stun-locked ?

Cause I think a single one of my Berserkers with epic heavy armor and legendary greatsword could easily handle a world boss alone.

There is a mod ‘TG Archery’ that significantly increases the damage from arrows. So, the most powerful arrows are made from star metal (damage 46) and from dragon bone (47). I’ve been testing it for a couple of months now, and the feeling is that for both NPCs and players, ranged combat is no longer a feature that is rejected with contempt. So one way is to increase the damage from arrows by 2-2,5 times. But it would be more logical to increase the power of bows rather than arrows. And, of course, it is necessary to change the artificial intelligence of archers, increase the rate of fire and change behavior in open areas, it’s some kind of horror that is happening now. IMHO.

Most all the archers were 0 level T3-4, as was most of the fighters.
Archers were mixed factions; mostly from the volcano, in medium stygion and ancient bows.
Fighters were in heavy dragon bone, with starmetal or a legendary.
And sandstone base.

This is for testing, and just that one failure taught me a lot.

Indeed, that works too.

IF rate of fire is doubled (x2) and damage is more than doubled (x2,5) they should be fine.
My proposal to increase just the damage of ARCHER THRALLS was just the easiest to implement.

I’m afraid that this idea will come under massive attack with the rationale that it makes life in the game even easier, and that it will make it even easier to defeat bosses. :worried:

Meh, not sure this is true.

ATM one could have 10 fighters per sice of their bases.
10 fighters will still be better than 5 fighters + 5 buffed archers.

My goal is to simply put Archers on par (or at least close) with Fighters.
I don’t think it will make any difference for World Bosses attacking: they would be annihilated in any case.

Cause 10 lv.20 berserkers with epic heavy armor and legendary greatswords will totally annihilate anything they come in contact with.

I fully support it.
But this is unlikely to be possible without a ranged damage buff overall, which means players with agility builds will have an easier time of it.

And bows are already super powerful for players!
The current meta in PvP seems to be Spear and Bow, with 2H-Axe for close-quarter AoE to complement everything.
Rolling Thrust with bow is much stronger than most people might think, it also destroys PvE of course :pogchamp:

Well, that means… we need to sharply increase the rate of fire for NPC archers. Fire like Legolas, 3 shots per second))

Let me click on the wayback machine here :smile:

Fairly early on in Conan I set up boss farms. Basically a large arena I’d kite a boss in to, block their exit, and let the archers eat them alive. Most with steel arrows a couple with snakes and one with poison gas; and all with masks.

This is similar but I think I need to make more use of golems as start off ground troops, and have a squad waiting behind the gate. Breaking through the gate would unleash 8-12 heavily armed and armored fighters. Preferably starting with 2K hp.

This is also why I wish thralls got XP from healing or attacking. I suck at power leveling thralls. Every time I try I need to bring a body bag. Now If I’m just hunting/gathering and have one tagging along as back up they do pretty good. But take forever to level.

Then why not just give a buff to Archer THRALLS ?
Like higher ranged modifier ? Or higher fire rate (which I think is more difficult but could work too).

Bows are just ONE part of the mechanic, the THRALL itself is the other.
If we cannot buff bows, we should buff the Archers.

We ended up returning to the old problem: archers should have higher ranged combat, fighters - melee. Now in the vast majority of cases there is no specialization.

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EXACTLY. Damn, Archers are just fighters with less health and melee damage.
Archers should have higher ranged damage, but not something like +0.1 or +0.2.

They should have something like +2.5 or +3 to be at least worth something (and still FAR weaker than fighters - considering they aim like s*it).

In addition to all the problems you mentioned , the archer AI is catastrophic.
If they are placed on ramparts, they run in all directions to try (who knows why?) to attack their targets at short distance (less than 10 meters) .
we have the impression of having dropped a wasp’s spawn on them.
When the archers are on the ground rather than attacking from a safe distance, they run towards their targets in close combat .
result: being too close, they attract the enemies and as soon as they attack the archers, they try to retreat to attack with the bow instead of drawing their melee weapons.
They are then attacked from behind and continue to try to retreat (every other time, they get stuck with elements of the scenery and die stupidly) .

@DeaconElie : I note that the new purge system is once again completely below our expectations .
I can’t wait to see the rest and especially the welcome from the players. Anyway, it is innile to turn more Funcom: they do not listen to us !!


To prevent them from running, they need to set the tactics ‘hold position’ (sorry, I don’t know how this is exactly worded in the English version, but it’s the top icon in the tactics radial menu), and then just set them an attack range of 50 meters, and they will stand still. The only drawback is inaccurate shooting from above; they should be placed no higher than the 2nd foundation, if you count from the ground.

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I had to portion up my ramparts to keep archers in an area. Took their melee weapons away, set them to guard area, favor distance attacks, dropped agro distance, and they still end up in the yard boxing enemies :man_facepalming:

Archers don’t stay in area if you put them on Stand and Guard ?
But I agree their AI is ridiculous. And so is their aim. I would expect that aim from a fighter, not an Archer.

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