Archers and Fighters-With-Bow to Stay on Top Of a Foundation Block - How?

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I recently did a search for the correct setting(s) (cuz my pea-brain lacks perfect understanding :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the result was a thread in which @Wak4863 suggests the following with videos and etc.: The new thrall behavior wheel!

There followed some discussion about it not working and so on. It’s been about a year since then and I’m wondering what the answer actually is. :smiley: Here is how I have it set up physically. What setting will ensure the thrall stays put and fires on any and all enemies which come in range - without teleporting off her box?

This is an official PvE server if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help!!!

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I do not know what all of that blather was about in that thread, but its simply stand and defend. You cannot choose stand and defend AND ranged or melee. I have archers all along my outer wall, and they have been in the same spot for years.
They consistently kill the rhinos and never move.

Choose stand and defend, choose a range, and plant them where you want them, it is not rocket science.


the only thing i found workig is lowering fences on foundations using the fence foundation as their base
as u can see below the archer fires arrows with no problem

and this is how its done… use the left side (i built one with lowered fences and one with normal for comparison…)

also checked the half wall of hyborea dlc , but its a bit higher and obscures line of fire on archer…


As @JJDancer mentioned it works… I have been using crenelations for years and working well as long as the foundation or ceiling tiles are elevated.l
on level to ground foundation and crenelation set up I have had them teleport or run past.


I notice that you have a wall behind them though. And also palisades in front so that enemies don’t actually touch the wall. I think those may be a hard requirements for a setup like that. (?)

I have had similar experiences. They only stay if they are “fenced” in on all sides - if they are on a single-wide single-long (square) ceiling tile or foundation.

I tried putting them up 2.5 blocks high (single block “tower”) with crenelated rails (sharp end pointed in at the archers on all 4 sides) and that worked 90% of the time. However, if an enemy seemed to be attacking the blocks they were standing on they would fall (teleport?) off into the fray. :woozy_face:

BTW @Ragnaguard , is there some hot-key or trick to get fences partially down the fence foundations? I’ve seen this happen by accident but recreating the action on purpose is not, well, intuitive, shall I say. :part_alternation_mark: :aaaaaa:

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A tip when placing archers: for maximum amount of thralls in a small area, place 1st archer on tile 1. Tell archer 1 to follow you. Move away so thrall leaves posted spot. This will allow you to place archer 2 right beside archer 1, shoulder to shoulder. Then tell archer 1 to stop following, archer 1 will return to posted position. Repeat for each additional archer you want on your firing line. This will allow you to circumvent the “cant place here, too close to another thrall” mechanic. And block out the sun with their arrows…


Those are not hard requirements. On the other side of my base I don’t have the higher wall or the palisades. The rhinos on that side come right up to the wall. My archers there have never moved.

The fence foundations have two snap points, so just look down slightly, and it will snap to a lower position on the foundation.

You can also make foundation stairs, and functional railings with the same method.

There is also a way to raise them but I think that is an “exploit” so I won’t share that info.


Thanks! Much appreciated! On the exploits you mean like these? I don’t know enough to know if they are or not. Lower down in the thread someone claims this is normal. So it remains a question - to me at least.

Does anyone here actually know? I would appreciate someone actually in the know to say - and not just flag a post anonymously because of a guess. Thanks!

Also, what do you mean by “functional railings”?
Any examples to show perhaps?


The problem isn’t with older thralls; it seems to be any newer ones that are placed. I already posted about it here: Archers are falling off walls without being engaged in combat.

@JJDancer is correct, but the only thing you should do for new archers is set them to Stand and Defend. However, there is a problem; my newly placed archers periodically fall off the wall.

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The way is correcly described as @LordKAA described… Works well and allows the archer to shoot. Have not tried it in higher ground though (for example 2-3 foundation high), so further testing is needed…


Railings that work, unlike the stairs with rails…

You can simply place the fence foundations on top of each other if you need to cover 2 or more foundations.


i meant i have not tested if the archer shoots down or arrow being blocked by the fence…XD

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Yes I thought that after I posted it, my bad. :joy:


@Stinkyfingerton thanks for bringing this up had completely forgotten about that.


Cool buddy!

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Hey, that’s interesting! Players figuring out how to get around the (too!) limited number of building blocks and in this case functionality too! Neat-o!

I’ve always wondered why there was such a limited set of building blocks, although I’ve only seldom been miffed at the lack of collision with stair railings - mainly the few times I fell to my death because of it :skull_and_crossbones:.

Anyway, thanks for that! Cool beans brah!

Oh, and /is that/ what you were talking about in those images I posted? Or something else?

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No it’s something else. Unfortunately I can’t go any further than that as I don’t know if it’s intentional, or an exploit…

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