Archers are falling off walls without being engaged in combat

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Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

This is an additional problem to the one linked above. I have split this out as a separate topic since the above topic talks more specifically about archers walking off the wall during combat. What I describe below is happening without combat occurring at all.

All archers were on Stand and Defend. This morning when I logged on, 7 of my archers were off their platforms out of about 14 total. The walls are simple stacked foundations like so:

Each archer was displaced in the same direction, about one foundation diagonally, even though they were on Stand and Defend.

From: TeleportPlayer	82303.1875	126913.8359	-15286.87695
To:   TeleportPlayer	81944.21875	127114.3125	-15542.87695

Ignore the Z coordinate since nothing was there to hold them up. My coordinates are close, but not exact, since I had to stand as close as possible to them and then stand where I think I had them placed the night before.

N.B. I have also seen this behaviour by simply logging out at my base and logging back in.

Expected Behavior:

Archers should not be moving off their Stand and Defend position, and should return to their guard position even if knocked off.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place archer on wall, or pedestal
  2. Log out and re-log in a few times. OR
  3. Wait a day or two

Immediately after the server restart this morning, all archers are not on the blocks I had them on; they were all up on the blocks just before the server restarted.


Reported a similar occurrence. Had several “Guarding” Archers drop off the wall where they were posted. Had some disappear below the mesh. My horse continues to regularly do drop below the mesh.

The engine is not only moving thralls and NPCs but beasts as well. Sepermeru Guards not at their posts, Nord blacksmiths using their weapons on a nearby barrel, not an anvil, etc. Have seen Kappa, sleeping near their nests, gliding away until they run into the side of a cliff.

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It also happens in singleplayer. Even more details can be seen. :eyes:

  1. If we go far enough that our entire base and companions disappear.
  2. When we start to go back and observe the companions appearing in their places, magic happens.
    • It doesn’t always work the first time, and sometimes you have to relog the game.
  3. Magic: companions appear in the right place, then everyone takes a few steps (not always in the same direction).
  4. Magic 2: companions want to return to the correct place, but if they cannot do it in a few foot steps, they stay where they are and stay there forever.

It is as if the game sometimes rounds the position values of companions or as if they had extra momentum from their appearance.

Hey all,

Thanks for the report. We have worked on some improvements to Archer AI in 2.5, currently in Testlive. Those of you with access to that build, could you let us know if this issue happens in there as well? We tweaked archer AI which could help with the problem here reported.

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I just downloaded Testlive (07.07.2021 - 2.5b - Standalone) and checked on singleplayer, still the same. It is enough to go away and return to the base. Companions (archers and bearers for sure) are start moving and change positions.

This may not be an AI problem at all, but a physics one if the companions are set to a mass much greater than that of a normal person. It would also explain companions falling under buildings.


Thanks for the confirmation. We’ve poked our team about it.

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It’s not just Archers… ALL NPCs beasts and thralls are being moved and are sometimes falling through the pixel thin mesh, e.g. Take your Thrall to Sepermeru and leave her (Scout) with Conan in the bar while you go talk with Szeth. When you return after your conversation, she will be swimming, beneath the bar. May not happen after the first conversation but it will happen.

Go to the Executioner’s cave. In the center at the lowest point in the mesh, where there is actually some light, several things can happen. 1. Thralls, NPCs (from the nearby camp), Skellies, Spiders and the Executioner can get stuck at several points in this cave. 2. Usually when one gets stuck they fall through the mesh to a sub mound (have seen Alphonze here, no idea how he got there). 3. Sometimes they transport up?!

Your thrall and enemies can be seen looking up/down trying to attack those enemies. If your thrall falls through the top mesh, the one the player Avatar is standing on, your thrall’s health bar can be seen moving around below as you attempt to have them target an enemy. The Return command does NOT teleport them to the mesh level of the player.


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