Stand and Defend doesn't work 1

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description: I have 12 Archers set on Stand and Defend, behind crenelated walls. Those keep jumping off (why they do that, btw ?). Why can’t thet STAND as the command suggest ?

As you can see, this Archer should stand on that wall, but he keeps jumping down. What the hell should I do to have him STAND and NOT MOVING ?

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I honestly think at this point they should revert most of the new thrall stuff back to the way it was before like these dumb thrall movements just destroyed base protection completely

maybe set them to guard the area
and set teir chase and attack distance too
that may keep em in place since they’re archers and have ranged attacks
maybe set them for focus on ranged combat aswell
give it a try
and dont forget to take their melee weapons away aswell
funcom should add an arrow dispenser for archers like the thrall pot for food so we dont have to replace their arrows every time they ran out
bulk crafting ammo and dropping it there would be a lot of help
think they do less damage when they run out

On the contrary, I managed to almost completely wean them from walking by setting ‘hold position’ and removing weapons of close combat from the inventory.
Although my archers are on a low level above the ground.


Thank you for your report. And for everyone’s feedback.

We’ll make sure to relay all the information to our team for further investigation.

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My archers fall from roof trough ceilings inside the building.No open doors and no hatch doors there


How do I know when the problem is solved ? Do I have wait an answer in this thread ?

@Teng “almost” is exactly the problem I’m having with this guys. I want them to stay IMMOBILE and fire their damn bows. Also, why do they jump off forward ?

I would understand if they went backward (even tho they shouldn’t do that as well) but forward ? Why do they go forward if they don’t even have melee weapons ?

This makes them back pedal when aggroing so they stay at ranged distance. The stand and defend worked for a while. One of the latest updates/fixes bugged out something.

As for attack and chase distances, that may be a a good idea. Set chase to min (5 meters) and attack to max.

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JohnnyWylder, they’re walking. I read somewhere that this was done on purpose (maybe I’m confusing) so that it looks like normal human behavior.
We can only keep the archers’ walks to a minimum.
I got it with the ‘hold position’ setting like this.
They move no more than half a step and almost never leave the wooden stage.
But here the fence with thorns is important exactly as in the screenshot. The fence prevents attackers from damaging archers and allows archers to shoot.
For normal purge, four archers are enough, although they are very strong. Four fighters play a supporting role.

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