Rain coming though Stormglass sloped roof

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

After building a large stormglass stucture (courtesy of IoS expansion) in the jungle biome in the Exiled Lands near the large pirate base, I noticed when it began raining that the rain was coming though the stormglass sloped roof (glass).

Expected Behavior:

As fixed in much earlier updates with other structures regarding rain coming through roofs, this needs some attention to be able to stop rain from coming through.

Installed Mods: Not Applicable

Steps to Reproduce: (Is this really necessary?)

  1. Build a stormglass structure in a rain prone biome.
  2. Wait for rain.
  3. Watch rain come through the roof.

Hey @Vahlok

Thanks for the observation. We’ve notified our team about it so we can take a look at this issue.

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Not only stormglass, its an old one, raining indoor

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Huh, I was actually noticing that I was not getting rained on in Single Player inside.

Do you mean actual rain, or just wetness? Indoor wetness during rain is an old one, but actual rain coming through roofs is not.

i think i mean the indoor wetness

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It’s not the rain FX I’m referring to. (splashes and wetness).
It’s the actual rain coming through this particular designed item.
Specifically, the Stormglass Sloped Roof. All other roof pieces (Thatch, Wood, reinforced and insulated) are unaffected.

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I Reported this many months ago during early access: Raindrops falling through sloped stormglass glass roof. NOT the general wetness on all surfaces during rain.

As there apparently is never any rain on Siptah, it isn’t as apparent on that map. Only noticed by building in the exiled lands or a custom map where it rains.

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Thanks for that confirmation.
I wasn’t aware of this issue during its early access since I didn’t get Siptah until after it was released. Then again, I would never have found this if I had not decided to build with Stormglass in the Exiled Lands.

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This issue have been occurring for the longest time and, to be candid, it destroys immersion. I’ve been playing for more than a year and it has been this way. I built a base near Riversend, nice place, but rained inside structures. Now I built a structure in the middle of the Great Dam, lots of work, and it rains inside it all the time.

Two different issues going on here.

The OP is reporting actual raindrops (such as those visibly falling from the sky) clipping through the Stormglass Sloped Roof (glass). None of the other sloped roof pieces allow the falling raindrops to pass through. This has been in game since Siptah was launched into early access and the Stormglass build set was made available.

The other issue, that I believe you and several others are commenting on, is a separate issue where all surfaces acquire the ‘wet’ appearance whenever it rains. This is, as far as I understand, a limitation with Unreal Engine in use. They can fix the indoor wet textures by turning off all wet textures. Everywhere. This my understanding of that issue. I could be mistaken.

Post from Sept 2020: Stormglass sloped ceiling does not stop rain


Not the same bug. What you’re talking about is the wet floors and splashes in buildings with roofs, when it’s raining outside.

What @Vahlok is describing is actual raindrops falling through the Stormglass roof. That doesn’t happen with building pieces from any other set, only Stormglass.

The bug that @Vahlok reported can be fixed. The one you’re referencing is a bug that Funcom explained is due to the limitations of the game engine they’re using. They might fix it in the future, but it seems very unlikely.

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It RAINS inside my structures… visible drops, like there was nothing, no structures there. But I had to talk about it anyway, whatever the results are.

If it is engine limitation, I’ll try hard to live with it.

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I get snow coming through my stormglass sloped window roof pieces

Hmm. All building materials/sets? I apologize for misunderstanding but your post did seem to fall in line with the other ‘wet floors brekz Immerzzionz!’ posts.

I have seen the occasional drip near seams while using the tier 1 thatch and tier 2 log roof, but not as blatant as with the tier 3 Stormglass sloped roof. Nor do I recall seeing it with other tier 3 roof materials.

I considered the occasional drips with the low end roofs to be more realistic, to be honest. also helped explain the wet floors :smirk:

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