Ram getting full, game crashes, cant start the game - over Steam

Hy everyone,

my name is HECTOR and I buy he game just 1 day ago. Unfortunately I cannot start the game. When i try it to start the game over the launcher, nothing happens, the RAM getting full, after that steam closes and everythink else and i have to close it over the manager.

I have a gaming Laptop:

RTX 3070
RAM 16 gb
i7-11800H @ 2.30 GHz
Win 10

I’ve tried the following things:

  1. update Win10

  2. update nvidia graphic

  3. update Microsoft Visual

  4. no mods

  5. change the language (region) to English (united states) — now the game is starting but the RAM is getting full aswell, i can do nothing (intro shows up but cant canceld it) and after that i get a black screen and a freeze.

  6. skip the intro in the config (not working) - freeze

  7. search the files for an error over steam

maybe i miss something, pls community or FUNCOM can u help me.

Do u have some ideas?

Thank u very much!


Hello Hector,

welcome to the cursed lands. I guess you are experiencing the same issue as reported in this thread.
If you want to start into the game in short term you can install the standard version of conan exiles. As far as I understand this Bug only appears in the Public Beta of countrys which doesn’t use the english date/time format.


Yeah I would just play the live release. Public beta client is only for pre chapter releases during a test period. Once it gets pushed to live, the beta client isnt going to be the focus of bug fixes unless they just duplicate a version. The public beta servers are not permanent play servers either (unless you host your own) so there’s no guarantee they dont get wiped.

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