Random sounds while playing

While I’m walking through the areas I am constantly hearing Animal and monster sounds in the near distance and there is nothing there. It’s as if different zones are coded to make different animal and monster sounds but nothing is respawning and the sound is there. Also, I am playing as a male character and I am hearing random sighs and breaths in a womans voice. There isn’t even any reason for my character to make the sound when it happens as I am usually just walking along.



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I am playing a female character that groans like a man every time I drink from the waterskin. It is really annoying. I hope that is changed by Go-Live. We also notice that the characters start to pant and breathe heavy at times for no reason. I am not really sure what that is all about. - XBOX Platform - Official Server 1420

Most of my time spent in the green zone is spent listening to the sounds of the Corrupted City. It was novel at first but has become quite annoying as of late.