[Ranger] Does unfeated Penetrating Shot not work?

So I’ve tried perfectly lining enemies up. Attacking the closest, attacking the furthest, attacking while I’m close, attacking from afar…
No matter what, I only ever damage my target, even though the Penetrating Shot ability says it should be hitting everything in a line.

Anyone know what gives? Or what I’m potentially doing wrong?

Have you specced Scatter Shots?

I haven’t yet (hence “unfeated” in the thread title), it’s a new character.
I figure the feat will do what it says it does, but that’s separate from the ability itself not doing what it says it does. :confused:

This is one of the legacies of the ranger revamp that happended shortly after the release of ROTG expansion… :grimacing:

You need to target the furthest one away and pen shot will hit everyone in-between you and the furthest mob.

It can be a lil buggy or miss at times…

https://cutt.ly/YjuOinb You can use this build :stuck_out_tongue:

The description of the Penetrating Shot combo itself doesn’t actually say it hits multiple targets, only the Scatter Shots feat has that in its description - have to have that feat.