Rasie level cap please

I am having a deuce of a time spending my knowledge points to achieve a balanced character.
I’ve always hated force RPing, I like to solo because not everyone is on when I am. I don’t want to be all powerful, but I would at least get to legendary armor, starmetal weapons, T3 building and alter. I’m not worried about going to T3 work benches but I’d like to have all T2s.

Figure 80 would give me enough knowledge points to get there. Farming relic fragments on a crowed server is days of just farming to get 1 point, that wont unlock anything. A week of doing nothing but farming fragments is absurd.

Tablets of power give more points than raw fragments. If every boss is being farmed at once in the unnamed city every hour of every day, I’d be surprised; but you can get multiple fragments from the Wine Cellar every run too


You see…Again feels like Exiled Lands is a different game…On Siptah you get spoiled in fragments, even tablets are on loot tables of creatures that are very easy to kill.

I would advise you to farm for the Tablet of Power and invest ur fragments in that.

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One suggestion. Replace all those crap language fragments/boxes scattered across the land with actual relic fragments.

Still think raising level cap would be the thing to down, not sure what the down side is.

Unbalanced builds getting more points now making everyone more op

No post-60 content, people would complain dead endgame

No post-60 recipes, people would complain dead endgame

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Then I’d like to see how you can do it in 60 levels. Because as much as I don’t hate farming I’d really like to play the game.

I’m salivating after a new map that will have it’s level cap raised. Or a map that you could transfer to at 60 and play it to 80 or something.
I know…keep on dreaming, right? :slight_smile: But then again high ranks inside Funcom have also said that Sorcery is not going to happen…and here we have it.

I don’t know, probably i should shut up…
You might have grown a bit to attached to mods :stuck_out_tongue:

As requested, here are some patented Jimbo tips sure to help you get the most out of your level 60 experience;

  • Once you go for your first star metal run, don’t just grab one meteor and go home. It’s a large bulk expedition, grab at the very least three meteors. This will guarantee you a full set of tools, and enough left over for weapons for you and your thralls, plus some for repairs.

  • Once you have gotten the star metal, respec. Wash off all the pre-60 weapon recipes. They cost large sums of points and now that you have a stockpile of star metal, you won’t need them any more.

  • Spend your new points wisely. If you built an animal pen for example pre-60 and no longer need to build another one, save the points. Spend as necessary, not on everything all at once.

  • Hold on to the points until you need them. Instead of just rebuying once you’re done with the respec, only unlock what you need as you need it. Keeps your points in reserve and helps you budget accordingly.

  • Never, ever buy a new religion for the 50 points. Always find the trainer.

  • Don’t eat raw fragments, hold on to them. Try your luck and get tablets of power as soon as possible. Five fragments will yield the points for six, but I only really get into this once my points reserve starts to run low


Thanks. Do appreciate. :grinning:


Whoa, déjà vu. :wink:

On a more serious note, Jimbo’s tips are pretty much guaranteed to save you the pain of extensive fragment farming.

Just in case you’re like me and you like to create a new character from time to time and start from scratch, here’s a bit of advice: start incorporating the Unnamed City fragment chest run into your routine as early as you can. You don’t actually have to fight a single boss to get 10+ fragments a day.

And when you’re ready to start leveling your first good follower, Unnamed City is a great place to do that, because of the XP you get from the undead there. So while you’re doing that, you might as well kill the bosses to get additional frags.

Also, the Unnamed City is not the only place to get fragments. There are fragment chests in the Wine Cellar, too. Also, harvesting the corpse of the Scorpion Queen in the silver mine will get you a fragment. There are other ways to get fragments, so I would encourage you to explore a lot :slight_smile:

Hope this helps a bit.


Hey DeaconElite :slight_smile: With respect, I find the current level cap just about spot on for vanilla content - it’s really well balanced. I can easily unlock and craft all the t2 and t3 benches and every epic weapon group and the most important epic armours just by respec every now and then. Without requiring frags/tablets (although I do farm them and eventually end up with most or all feats unlocked). You can’t get it all at once but as others have said, if you respec and drop some of the dead weight after you’ve made use of it (e.g. unlearn the low grade weapons you no longer need, unlearn grinders or preservation boxes after you’ve made enough, unlearn the t3 benches after making them, anything that doesn’t grant extra recipes that can be made - e.g. I tend to keep fluid presses and the t1 animal pen just for the recipes). Excellent tips by Jimbo. The 60 level cap is spot on for me - it’s well balanced. If anything, we need more harder level 60 content - and we’re getting that with the new events on testlive.

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I think 20 shoudl be max. :smiley:

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