Fragments of Power

I went to the unnamed city looking for fragments of power. I fought several bosses and never once got a fragment of power or no legendary repair kits! Is this happening to anyone else? I’m level 60 and need them for feat points which by the way I think we should be able to keep leveling up and getting attribute and feat points! So I would recommend a level cap to at least 100! It’s not fair to ps4 players to not have mods to increase your level cap unlike pc players where as they can have mods to increase their levels immensely. I truly love the game!


Well from the point where you choose to play on a console you should accept the fact that the pc always gonna have something more. If they raise the level to 100 well pc gonna raise it to 200 and so on. No matters how you try to make any games to change to match the pc version the pc modders just gonna make something else above it or on the side.

Now on the fragments of power side which boss have you killed? All the 1 skull mobs are closer to elites and doesn’t drop them. Most 3 skull ones do drop the fragments except the snake and green dragon ones.

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Didn’t mean to sound ungrateful or hating on pc players if I came off that way :blush: just a girl that loves gaming! Lol … I did fight the snake ( 3 skull) thanks for letting me know I won’t get a fragment from it!!! Also fought the 3 skull red dragon but used a skinning knife does that make a difference?

The fragment is in his inventory like when you kill thralls not when you harvest it.


Awww!! ok thank you so much :+1:t2::smile:

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But you may get a fragment from a special chest behind him off to the far left of the room.

There are many of these chests all over the unnamed city. Mostly up high on top of pillars and bridges.
There is around 12 of them but they take a very long time to respawn.

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To be fair, Funcom isn’t exactly advertising differences in their ports between computers and consoles. Even tho we may decide which device to utilise, it doesn’t necessarily also automatically mean that we are okay with whatever the companies decide to push to us after our decision of device is made or even before in some cases. Deciding the platform merely means that we have a tendency toward some combination of assembly. This is different from the actual service pushed thorough them.

If I grab a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner, it doesn’t necessarily mean I like to suffer from back pain.

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The green dragon and giant snake are both three-skull bosses that do not drop fragments.

You can find the right bosses on the wiki.

There are at least 17. And if anyone finds more that I have not added to the map here yet, I would very much like to know so I can keep the map as complete and accurate as possible.


I know i have gotten 1 off the bats in the NE caves
Bin-Yakin’s Seal
The Scraps/Jhil’s Roost (double entrance for this bat boss)
Lock Stone Cave.

It is random i think as well.

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Ohh thank you so much this will help so much!

I also got 3 in 2 kills off the undead boss in the executioner’s entrance.
Can’t be certain but I may have got 1 off the Spidey boss in skittering cavern as well.

You killed the “wrong” boss.

Only the first 7 bosses on that page can drop legendary kits and FoP. All other bosses DONT (like the snake, big green dragon or another big red dragon - not the red mother).

Here’s a useful visual guide of the bosses in the area (and those to ignore):

And here’s one for most of the chests:

If it makes you feel any better, those of us PC players who play on Official servers can’t enjoy the use of mods either. It’s like being invited inside a candy shop but being diabetic. :sweat_smile:

BTW, you don’t necessarily have to kill bosses to get fragments. Like others mentioned, there are a great many hidden throughout the Unnamed City in small chests. Off the top of my head, I believe there’s one behind the Green Dragon, one atop the structure directly in front of the Albino Bat, one in the alcove behind and to the left of the Snake boss, one at the base of the pillar surrounded by praying skeletons, etc.

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