Fragments of power respawn timer

Do we have a time frame on the respawn of the fragments of power? Think I know of 13 for sure you can get in total. Seems the bosses that drop them respawn relatively quick. The ones laying around seem to only appear so many times a day.

Aside from the bosses, I only knew of 5 FOP spawn locations would be nice to see a map come out showing all the locations

See if this thread has information you find useful:

I believe that only covers the bosses @Kwalya we are talking about the Fragments you can find dotted around the city itself

Look down the entire thread. There is another map near the end from @Necro with locations of chests added to the boss location map.
(Writing this on my phone so hard to link the exact post)

Will do, thanks for the extra info

This is what I’ve got so far.
Rock symbols = fragments of power
Skull symbols = dragons
Crossed Swords = mini boss
Person symbols = boss
Chest symbols = legendary chests need key

(Map updated)

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