Fragments of power chests

Has there been a patch update in the past few months nerfing the respawn or restricting how many chests spawn at once?

I went to collect some for 3 days now at different times never peak hours or during pvp (i play on a official pve server) and it seems like they don’t spawn like they used to.

This was afew months ago… I would easily find 8-10 per run normally 5 from boss and the rest collect from chests. now im only finding 1-2 chests.

I have ruled out others finding them before me since at one point it was me and 3 others on the server and I spoke to them if they been in the area and same issue.

i think that might be because timer are not syncronised, i’m sure they all work well

from what I can tell, they spawn after roughly 12 hours in UC, from a server restart. After a player picks one up, I think it also takes that long for a respawn. I believe they might spawn quicker in dungeons. Also, if I want them, farming bosses is always the quickest way. I’m sitting on rouughly 250 fragments now, because of all the bosses I’ve farmed. I could use for feats, but honestly, I have more than enough feat points for all I need. There is a ton of armor and weapons that I never bother training, as they just have no practical value after 60.

I got some by farming the bosses in the wine cellar dungeon.

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