Fragments of power missing?

I have a private server if i run around the unnamed city there are no fragments laying around in chests like behind the red mother or the one buried in The sand half way is this something or on purpose in a patch i missed ??

the 17 power frags in UC have a randomized 12 hour spawn cycle per server so if someone snags them, you are statistically SOL for half a day.

Some pointers about farming power frags.
Server reset is 5:00AM local time of the server. Use this to your advantage.
Don’t waste your time in the AM after the server restart. Go around 12:00 noon server time to snag what you can.
Also keep in mind gamers are typically not morning people so you get a lot more success right before the server restart as the server has had time to refresh their spawning with no one snagging them up. I can typically get all 17 in 20-30 minutes. 15 if I’m in vagabond gear.


Thank u ive been checking on all 17 reason im asking is cause the only people that play on my server are me an my wife an its password protected so were the only two ever on but for two days now cant find any of the 17 can kill bosses an get them but none to just discover

Huh…and since it’s PS tag, I take it’s a g-portal since that is our only option ,right? So that means it’s on all day.

I’m tagging a few other folks to determine if there are server settings involved in this that may be the culprits (@Xevyr @Taemien @biggcane55 )

only thing i can think of isbthat it is like star metal, and will only run timer to respawn if player is in LOD of the spawn points.

Was this post done based on a single one-time observation?

Fragments spawn with a mere 30% to be visible on spawn, so it’s very easily possible that you get none at all.
They will then show up at a random moment between 4-12 hours, so go back later and check again.

Here’s a map btw:

Uea the server runs constantly an im checking everynite between 8 an 11 central us time ill check 4 or five times cant find a single one of the 17 fragments but can still get them off killing bosses just takes longer lol

Do you have scheduled restarts? I think even with gportal you could schedule a restart at like 3 am and have them all spawned by your evening play session.

Ummmm have to check but i think i have restart scheduled for 3 am central us an i say i cant find one of the 17 random ones i mean ive never found one period

Also i dont know if it matters ive noticed my servers age is zero even after three wks of having it

The age 0 thing is common enough that I dont think its related; my server restarts every night and is age 0 (never bothered to fix it for pc) and fragments show, so maybe its a ps thing…they should show, so if they never do anywhere they are supposed to, that is some kind of bug.

Im afraid so to i thought maybe it was an unknown bug with last patch on ps4 gportal servers but private an offical are still the samething an i had no problem finding them in offical hard to know what to fix when theres nothing but the result of the problem to start lol u guys can think of any fixes im game to try lol

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Nvm, forgot it’s PS4 and gportal is non-cooperative :smiley: Only managed to get them to comply once lol

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Our second server is a Siptah server that registeres zero days decay does not work properly login with primary characters 360 days secondary characters 350 days I think server reset refreshing every base on server because we not seen any one on server for months :grinning:

Thank u for the help guys i guess ill just have to fight fir the ones i want lol i like building with the fragments an using them to learn everything i cant figure it out i checked i do have a daily refresh at 3am just cant think of y there not spawning only thing ive changed on the server is u can build anywhere (that being said i havent built anywhere in the unnamed city at all) an my purge requirements are set to like 10000 points an updates every ten mins thats it everything else is normal oh i made thralls break faster on the wheel of friendship

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