Fragment of Power Chests: Do They Still Respawn?

IME, most lootable containers and resources seem to respawn when a server is restarted. However, I’ve been online when the Official PvE I play on is restarted and no one else has yet logged on, and since the last hot-fix, I can’t recall ever seeing one of the little chests containing a Fragments of Power.

Mind you, on two characters and even my SP character I had collected the one beside the Citadel, the two in the SE corner, the one behind Red Mother, the one behind the snake boss, and the one at the pillar with the praying skeletons multiple times during the first couple weeks.

Yet for the last week or two? The only time I’ve seen any is if I come across one I’d not previously discovered. This holds true in unmodded single-player even if I leave my character idling at one of the spawns for several hours. This leaves me wondering if there was a change made so that the fragment chests can only be picked up once per character.

Anyone have any evidence that either supports or contradicts this experience? (Note, fragments still drop from bosses, so I’m not talking about that just the little chests.)

I don’t farm the Unnamed City, but a friend of mine on my server does. He’s got the locations of all these things mapped out. Last time I played, I accompanied him on a run; he was disturbed to discover that the majority (like ~90%) of the small Fragment chests were absent. I had recently restarted the server due to a mod update, and he assumed that since the server had restarted, all the chests would have respawned. (Whether that’s true or not, I’ve no idea.)

The theory of “only once per character” doesn’t hold true, because like I said, he farms them. Additionally, there are items (letters, journals, etc) that ARE only once-per-character; if you stand near one you haven’t collected but your accompanying friend has, he won’t see it while you will. During our aforementioned recent run, I couldn’t see any of the chests he complained as missing, and this was only my 2nd Unnamed City run–and again, he farms.

Atm, I’d say maybe they’re on a different respawn timer, or perhaps there’s only a certain percentage chance that they will (re)spawn. This is purely a guess, though.


I thought the timer was once per day…at least, on the server Im currently playing on, they only appear once per day.

Appreciate the thorough data points, thanks!

In my single-player the respawn rate is definitely not once per day. It’s like twice per lifetime.

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I used to regularly be able to pick up some of the more hard-to-spot Fragment Chests (some I’ve definitely picked up more than thrice!), but ever since the maps showing where they are were made public it has become significantly harder to find one before someone beats me to it. While I can’t say for sure that that’s all it is, it might well be. Granted, I haven’t farmed the UC in a couple weeks now, so YMMV.

Its seem to be random spots.

Example I noticed, There a spawn spot in SE (the wall, just past chest the guy has note for (who has broken legs below(to ne anyway)) (in SW) in sanddunes near relic hunter and scorpions is another sticking out of sand. (just off from lighting wight)
There Another atop tower to North of here.
One in sand along western wall. One more, (whos location I dont have down well)
(many more I havnt found, or confirmed)

None of them are up at same time.(it seems) So every visit, or reset, you gotta hit up every spot till you find the 1 thats up. I only ever find one on ground per run. And it takes log out or back in, or hour or so to re-spawn. (so basically full boss clear or search of area)


Thanks for the explanation. I visit the City sporadically so I forgot some of the spawn spots so I haven’t been able to visit them all again, and pretty much gave up on their respawning again. I guess I’ll need to have another look-around.

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