Fragments of Power Chance of Harvesting?

Game mode: [Online PvE Official #3731]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc??]
Region: [Unnamed City]

UPDATE: I’ve re-watched the Vaniverse video & I obviously had a moment of synaptic flatulence: the Relic Hunter named bosses only drop the Heart of the Hero and it seems the Scorpion boss does not drop F of P at all, just a key, etc.
So now I’ll have to try my skill against the Skeleton Beast boss & the Bat boss.

Alrighty, I am excited by the possibility of harvesting the new Fragments of Power to gain additional permanent feat points as there are still several skills I would like to learn to expand my solo PvE enjoyment of the game. I’ve reset my feats about 4 times with this character in the past 4-5 months as I found named thralls that could make some items already, etc. I did some research on helpful YouTube videos from Vaniverse & Firespark, etc. and it seems getting the F of P was straight forward.

My main base is at the bottom end of E8, just above the Unnamed City, so I decided I need to get some F of P. Last night I journeyed into D7-6 and killed the Scorpion Boss, I harvested his carcass, skeleton key opened chest… legendary axe showed but disappeared & was not in my inventory WTF?.. then I went on to kill 3 of the Relic Hunter named boss characters (and several RH NPCs) and looted plus skinned them all. I also entered the Archivist’s chamber again & interacted with the scroll wall, just to make sure.
Problem: NONE of the 4 (mini)bosses I killed dropped any Fragments of Power, yet my understanding was that those would all definitely drop the F of P and assorted other goodies with occasional legendary stuff.
Question: can someone clarify exactly what is the chance of harvesting F of P for feat points when killing RH bosses, mini bosses & the big bosses in the Unnamed City. This is a definite point of interest for me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill Relic Hunter named bosses & mini bosses in Unnamed City.
  2. Loot & harvest their cold, still corpses.
  3. Find NO Fragments of Power out of 4 tries.
  4. Seek help on the Forum…
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Unfortunately, the ones you killed do not drop the fragments. There is a rather large red dragon in the spawning pools, a Wight boss in the SW corner, a skeleton boss just down the paved stone road from the Warmaster, and a white bat in the Aviary. They drop every time.

Thanks for that @speedice - I’d realized my mistake in re-watching the video and it seems the scorpion boss who doesn’t drop F of P is the one Vaniverse mentions but doesn’t name outright.
I’m guessing the red dragon will be tough to solo, even with a good thrall or pet. Might need to use the healing arrow idea.

I get 100% from the skeletons,Serpentman,and wight bosses. I’ve found two different skele bosses. I’ll not spoil their locations. Not yet found the bat but I will. The idea of getting 5 per run is awesome. I’m hoping there are more.

F.O.P is nothing! Thnx so much funcom for the real surprises that me & my clansmen discovered hiding in this new update. But pls!! Fix the problems w/ the Even log & No Ownership.

I also found a second skeleton across from the Warmaster, and a Serpentman boss near the western entrance. I passed through the city with Spinas and collected 8 fragments before I had to leave. By the time you make the circuit, they’ve re-spawned.

The Serpentman is by far the easiest. The bat & Wight aren’t very hard. The dragon is easier than I thought it should be. I think the two skeletons are the hardest, because they wield star metal swords, and their attacks are sweeping. They also have skeleton helpers that are just annoying.

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They also change aggro easily making it hard to keep them on your thrall.

Thanks @Huzzah, I took out the Skeleton Beast boss for 1 F of P then left for a week. Try further adventures again Friday.

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