Reaction to polebear igloo video

you can find the link of the video here:

As i tried the trick shared by polebear igloo in his video about throwing axes on thralls, i have to say that this thing in very effective on ranged thralls and very very very FUN since your thralls will keep on swearing while literally"machinegunning" the ennemy :laughing: .

Then i realized there was a possibility for a ranged thrall to swear during combat like other fighter thralls usually do during a fight. i have always thought it was not possible for archers to do so.

So my question at funcom is:
why “normal archers” (using bows) don’t swear (shout/ use funny words) while fighting as when you equip them with throwing axes.

of course it’s a personnal taste, but i really enjoy the fact that thralls do talk during battles, it makes the thing more alive and more dynamic + it gives me a lot fun listening to them.

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that’s a nice way of seeing things :smiley:
ok so what is the appropriate word then, you know when they say a lot of things during combat like “i will cut your heart out” i will feast upon you" “you dance mor me now…” well you got the pict.
i know it’s not swearing but what’s the word then? in french we call that “tyrades” or exclammations"
but if you give your archer one of these throwing axes he will speak like crazy, which is priceless.
While i’m on the task of building i can hear them shouting and as soon as i arrive, everything is already dead :disappointed_relieved:
ah !!! got it :smiley: shouting is the word, correct? hmmm there must be other english words for that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can say tirade in english, which is just stolen from french. :wink:
Intimidate might be more common. Berate perhaps.

Anyways, I haven’t tried the throwing axe trick yet, but I will definitely try it!
With the added inventory trick shown here followers will actually be useful.

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Thanks for the info mate.
And about the video, yeah it’s very usefull, but i don’t want to get used to a glitch that will obvioulsy get patched (when? that’s an other story :wink: )

Sounds like a very complicated word to me, i bet i will have forgotten it tommorrow if not before :smiley: , but it’s always nice to learn new technical english words, thanks shadoza.
BTW are you english or amercian?

great, i think this one is very appropriate :smile: , tks demiwolfe

gods take you

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I smell human! :smiling_imp:

hokey pokey mate

Yeah, my girls LOVE that sentence.

they also love:
“Die” “you picked the wrong fight” !!!

And i was recently hunting some salamanders in the swamp, hearing my follower saying all the time to the salamanders “put your weapons away exiles” :rofl::rofl::rofl: this was priceless.

Apologies, I guess I’ve assumed they are all speaking French, are they not?

no, actually not, Funcom probably doesn’t have any french voice acting possibility yet, and will probably never have. And now that i got used to the english version which is superb, i hope they won’t get any french voice acting opportunity anytime soon :wink:

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Holy Set all this time I thought you had language packs. Thank you for fighting my ignorance.

All my game is in french, and i have to say funcom has made progress with that, and i bet it’s the same with many other languages they chose to support for obvious reasons, but voices are in english, and i can’t complain about that, but i guess some frencies might, since foreign languages are not our best friend so to say :wink: . But none of the french players i played with ever complained about that, so…

Then I will make it my mission to load a dozen archers with axes so that I may enjoy the symphony!

you won’t be regreting it i can guarantee you that :smile: , moreover the black ice throwing axes are really strong and pretty cheap to craft ( 1 haft + some black ice if i remember correctly) and the crafting time at the forge has finally reached a descent speed.