Real Fishing with a Fishing Pole

I need to be able to sit in my chair on the dock I created just outside my fishing shack and be able to fish in my personal lake. I don’t mean waiting to check the fish traps either. I want/need to be able to craft a fishing pole and fish. ^^


I am too barbaric to fish. Be more barbaric - tie a thrall to a rope and have them use their teeth to catch them giant tuna?

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Only if it’s spearfishing.

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I better stated my intent with the fishing in this post.

Level 60, sounds like there ought to be more things to do and appreciate in the end game. I love fishing and wish there could be a fishing pole and a pond to harvest fish. Being a new game, I only wish it could be more incredible and different than any other game. Perhaps, make a glass aquarium to display unusual fish and plants? There could be more things to do if they implemented a new way to control different forms of water via an aqueduct, make a waterfall, stream or river. What do you think? I just want this game to be a blast and do more than any other game out there. Aqueducts would be a start like the Romans buiit? What can a barbarian do?

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