A choice between a fishing basket or a pole

I would like to sit near the river with a fishing pole , especially at end game content. A basket is good for farming them all at once but it takes away the thrill of that catch, a cool animation and more. Silk for string , iron for cast, wood/iron for pole. Resources are all here.


Could have a legendary pole too.

The water environment is actually big. Catching a legendary fish only obtainable by pole is a great idea. It could drop some super rare treasure it had swallow to help out on your adventure. Your on to something @Mango.


Thanks! Well it makes sense. Lovetap is just a legendary thrall club.

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I was looking at the UE4 market place and i see this

Not sure if this can be ported over to UE4 since its documented for 4.18 +

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Let’s make it happen. The dream. The legend. The pole.

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No one wants to go spear fishing?

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