Fishing with a fishing pole

Please add some actual fishing to the game I would pay for this just as a DLC add-on if it has to be that way, of course, the casual fishing system is decent allowing us to use a capture system that does the work for us but why not add player based fishing similar to what ARK has or even Monster Hunter using a fishing pole with bait doesn’t have to have crafting rewards unless you were to add a new series of fish and connect them to a system needed to build certain items.

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Fishing traps>fishing pole

The set and forget mechanic is going to be the best they have for fishing. Set multiple traps and you have your very own fishery.

The fishing pole would be worth it if you had a chance for legendary drops and such.

no it would be worth it if they add more fish required to hand fish to be able to build it as risk vs reward would make it that much harder with a chance to being attacked while fishing as it is fishing isn’t need for nothing except for eating or pressing it.

Sure they also could add new fish or sharks or whatever to the water you catch it with a pole you filet it and have a slight chance it contains a piece of gear it were say a fish that had the ability to eat or attack someone who went in the water.

New recipes would be nice, have a shark fin soup that adds 300 second water breathing buff or a rare fish fillet that heals 100hp

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