Really bad artifacting on pc

alienware g7, i7 10500, 2070S Qmax, and i play on laptop mode, even though i can run 4k ultra on cyberpunk2077. ive never had this problem before on any game. It started with the 3.0 update. Didnt have this problem before.

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Need a bit more detail. You say you are getting artifacts but also that you are running in laptop mode? Laptop mode is low quality mode, designed for those that have weaker laptops. Turn off laptop mode and see if that helps.

so with it off, i every npc has a aimbot glow that is either pink or purple, and entire parts of the map vanish. not only are the invisible, but they have dissapeared entirely. i have a floating base i cant even get into now.

is this perhaps to do with the full nudity thing? i set my single player as a server so i could admin, because i still wanted to enjoy the game as a breezy no sweat off my back survival. cant even. everything has a weird glow on it, like a pink cell shading at times. its aweful. pretty sure this is related to the full nudity thing. this is the first time ive used it, and this is the first time ive had issues.

Are you using any mods? As I said, more detail is needed.

i was before the update, but i removed them all completely before trying the update. started a new game, same thing.

There is a modlist.txt file located in the Mod directory of your Steam files:
…\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods
Delete this modlist.txt and see if that helps.

You can change it’s name to modlist.txt.BACKUP instead of deleting it. If you wish to go back to it, simply change it’s name back to modlist.txt

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