Reaper Poison Suggestion

As it now stands, you can apply reaper poison to your weapon, but it’s gone after one hit. To reapply, you need to go back into your inventory and drag another bottle to your weapon. Needless to say, this is quite inconvenient in the middle of a fight. So, as it stands, reaper poison is of little value.

I suggest that reaper poison act like arrows. With arrows, you apply one to your bow and as long as you have arrows in your inventory you can keep shooting. It would make reaper poison a worthwhile buff if it acted in the same way; apply it once to your weapon and as long as you have some in inventory it will automatically be applied to your weapon until you run out.

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Ppl have been suggesting this since the beggining, but the idea for Reaper Poison is being applied for just one hit, because since it used to have a dangerous dmg (it seems nerfed currently) it makes sense being one hit, and if you aplly it to all your weapons, it will just be op all weapons having poison all the time.

So, if you want to benefit from it, you gotta play smart, and aplly the poison when you have a window. I for exemple, always do on my daggers before a pvp encounter, and reapply when I have the chance.

Maybe a small increase in number of hits like 3 but it shouldn’t be an effect that lasts until you “run out”. Poison already hurts quite a bit, a few stacks is plenty to do some damage and increase the value of the poison. I wish I could apply it to a throwing spear and not have to use up so many slots for throwing spears. Let them stack to 10 or 20 and increase their weight if need be. Then I’d love to stock up on reaper poison.

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When one poisons a weapon in real life, that poison has a life span of potency. Many conditions apply, from drying out do to exposure to the air, usage, or dripping off the blade till there isn’t enough left to leave behind after an attack. This veries based on poison applied, and the process of how the poison was created (example: a poison suspended in a oil based solution will persist longer then one that is water born.)

For this game, and the use of poison, it needs two conditions of experation. One being time (example: expires after 10 min after application) means you need to time your use of poison or you may not get a chance to use it before it expires.
The second condition is usage. In my opinion, and based on facts of poison coated weapons throughout history I believe that 6-10 strikes per vile used is more then a compromise as weapons in real life can maintain a coating for many more then that. Even more so if the weapon was designed with poison in mind utilizing fullers and other small channels in the blade to hold the poison much akin to the old ink pens. Not much poison was needed to be fatal. Though normally long after the battle was over.

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@Kelbec Poison for weapons should be revisited. 3 strikes or 5-10 minutes whichever comes first sounds fair or more fair. I also like applying to throwing weapons but they need to stack, come on! You’d go out of your mind coating, putting in the radial, throwing and then repeating over and over again.

We need to see something on the weapon that says it’s on it and how much time remaining like how food spoils. Then I might use it.

Or maybe change it so every weapon can be made coated already and you get only the 1-3 strikes and its gone or the 5 minutes. Too much work as is…

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I dont think poisons should have more hits or last minutes, because this will become mandatory for pvp and everyone will just use them.

Now, reaper poison has a tactical use, being just 1 hit is nice for those who act “fast” on applying it, or preparing just before the battle. On the other side, its damage must be more dangerous as its 1 hit.