Poison Application To Weapons Mechanic Is Horrendous

I have a huge beef with the way applying poison to weapons works. The bow is simple to switch arrows on the fly from the hot bar. Funcom, why in the heck would you make it so horrendously clunky? Why is it not easier to apply poison to weapons as easily as it is to switch arrows on the bow? Opening the inventory to find the potion and drag it to the weapon is ridiculous. We stand there taking blows from enemies getting killed while we’re trying to put poison on weapons. There’s no need for this. Whoever thought this was a good idea doesn’t know or care much about streamlining good game design and mechanics so the game is more player friendly.

Please fix this horrid situation and make poison application on weapons like swapping arrows on bows. The way things are now, it punishes a player for absolutely no good reason what so ever. It’s extremely frustrating and irritating to know this could be changed without great difficulty or effort, to make the game experience more pleasurable for the players. As it is now with how poison is applied to weapons, it makes the play experience a lot less enjoyable and in a lot of situations, miserable.


Put the poison on the weapon before you start a fight.

And although realism shouldn’t get in the way of a good gameplay experience, it’s probably quite difficult to apply paste to a pair of daggers without touching it while someone is trying their hardest to break your skull with a heavy object. Much harder than pulling arrows from a second quiver.


This would definitely be a great QOL addition. Especially when fighting bosses.

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Really? You complain about that? :slight_smile:

In 2018 poisons only applied on the next hit. Then you had to reapply them to the weapon.

Use autowalk, then open inventory and drag it on your weapon. I could even write you a simple script that automates this process.

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You’re completely missing the point. Sure we can put poison on a weapon before a battle, but what do we do when in the heat of battle, poison runs out and we need to reapply poison to the weapon? We have to stop everything we’re doing, open the inventory, take hits and in the meantime, apply poison to our weapons and hope we don’t get killed in the process of standing still or walking around aimlessly with auto-walk/run.

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So basically you’re condoning poor and clunky mechanics. Walk or run means nothing when you’re in a boss fight and the thing is chasing you around hitting you because you may accidentally walk into something.

We should not have to write scripts and make workarounds for sloppy and clunky game mechanics. It’s about improving the QoL of the game. We shouldn’t have to go through some nonsense for something so simple. We can arm different arrows on the fly so poison should be no different when applying poison to weapons. Would you say it’s OK to be restricted from using health on the hot bar as well? Imagine opening your inventory every single time you want to heal your character. Yes, so much fun. So immersive and enjoyable - not. Endorsing poor game mechanics doesn’t help improve the game. Just saying.

Perhaps making poisons etc. last x10 as long, (cost x10 to make) could be a relatively easy band-aid solution of sorts.

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I will suport this idea, because above all i want it too. I don’t wish the mechanics to work as the arrows, i wish an auto apply.
What i mean is that once you apply poison to a weapon then automatically the weapon will stay poisoned until your poison vials ends in your inventory!

Then you can continue the rest of the fight without poison on your weapons.

An easy reapplication of poison would make permanently poisoned weapons obsolete in an instant. Venom-infused weapons etc. have a lower base damage to compensate for the significant advantage of not needing to reapply poison. So if you want to poison all the way, use one of those weapons. It’s a choice between having your cake or eating it.


To be honest I never liked this system either. Especially considering that usual little lag whenever you open inventory in certain areas. And no, allowing poison being applied via an action bar is not a solution - there are just way too few action bars to work with already.
The way it should be fixed is that poison bottle should be assigned to a weapon similar to arrows being assigned to a bow. As soon as the poison charges expire from the weapon, next poison bottle should be automatically applied until you run out of poison bottles.

(Didn’t read all replies at first, I see some people suggest the same solution. Which is the best, of course)

We kind of already have a reason to allow poison to last longer or even be permanent though
Permanent poison weapons while weaker can still have weapon mods applied to them which catches them up in most cases to non poison weapons of the same type
The non poison weapons cannot have poison applied to them if they are modded since poison counts as going in the mod slot
What’s the point of sacrificing your mod slot for poison then when it only lasts a fraction of the battle unless you deal with this clunky application process?

Poisonous weapons weaker…

Shush, or Funcom will nerf it.

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Huh? Just apply the same weapon kit to the non poison weapon and the gap is the same again.

Not going to happen. Poison application via vials is a dead end idea dating back to 2017. And because it wasn’t really expanded upon since then (except for undead damaging coating, which isn’t fantastic either) we can safely assume it was one of those hasty “cheap and dirty” “features”, introduced for RP reasons to impress management and show them you are doing something, not to actually improve gameplay.
At this stage it is easier to use poisoned weapons/arrows, so it is better to forget about the poison vials move along.

I fail to see how this is clunky or poor. If you apply poison to a blade there is a limited amount of poison that can transfer to your target. This is something that you have to do and it takes time. In a real situation, you coat the blade and let it dry. Rinse and repeat as you layer concentrated poison on the blade. It’s not something you can just do on the fly while fighting someone else. If you run out of poison, that’s piss poor planning on your case. Have you ever thought about taking more than one coated blade? CRAZY I KNOW! You have 2-3 different blades all poisoned up and when the effectiveness runs out on one you quickly switch to the next blade.

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This could have been shortened up to, “I don’t use poison, and I don’t intend to use it.” I guarantee this one hasn’t gone to fight a 12,000health boss with 8 poisoned blades on their hotbar. The suggestion is extremely disingenuous.

No I wouldn’t count on poison with 12k HP monster because that is counterproductive to waste on monsters like this because the effect only lowers the % HP fractions of fractions. Go with higher damage and armor pen with faster attack speeds. Poison and bleed on these types of creatures is a waste when you have DPS potential of 200-800. If it’s on my weapons of choice (and usually is, see VF gladius or annoying shard) then great but its nothing I count on in the battle with bosses. Their HP is ridiculous in QTY to remotely think 20 extra DPS is worth it.

Poison goes against things under 1000 HP that are more armored…ie human NPCS, thralls, and player characters. That is more bang for your buck and you should only need 3 weapons in skirmishes with these with backup poison to coat to prep for the next skirmish…any more and you are at a tactical disadvantage and need to rethink a retreat because your original idea of quick take down with assisted effects isn’t working and you lost your advantage.

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Being able to keep a stack of poison or two on your hotbar would allow refreshing of the poison in an efficient way to allow for the DPS of the poison to matter throughout the fight with said boss.

This isn’t a theory. This has been tested. By reapplying the poison from inventory. It works and does cut down on the time in the fight. So all that is being asked for in this instance is a QOL change to make it less of a burden.

And I wouldn’t mind seeing parses in the vanilla game of 800dps. I wasn’t able to hit anywhere near those numbers even at level 120 with top end Age of Calamitous gear.

That is not true. You can apply poison to modded weapons just fine and it works.

I’m not sure what you’re doing 800 dps with now that the katana was nerfed, but from my experience 200 is closer to the top end of most weapons and a voidforge gladius with 83 damage, full agility gear… fully maxed Agility AND Strength attributes, backstabbing… with both consumable buffs on… and on the “Do nothing” naked Funcom dummy can barely hold 400 under optimal min-maxed labratory conditions like this.

On a boss fight when you’re moving around the poison DPS can count for a LOT, especially if the target is both high HP AND heavily armored, the worst offender of which is Thunderfoot…
Try using scorpion queen poison on your weapons for that fight and you’ll find at the end that almost half your damage will be from that due to having to reposition and high armor are cutting into your DPS, while the poison is constantly ticking and ignoring armor.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that poison doesn’t seem like much, but it does add up on long dragged out fights… and I also disagree with the notion that you would want to use it against stuff with 1000 HP or less… since that’s not even enough to stack it up to 10 most of the time so it’s not going to do much there.

In any case regarding the OP, I also think poison application is a bit silly that you have to open the inventory after a few hits, but I’m also not much of a fan of the “arrow mechanic” for poisons where it auto-applies.

I think they could simply rebalance it and that would do enough to solve all the problems… They could make it be more expensive to craft (requiring more glands per vial) and simply last way longer so an application lasts more than enough through a bossfight. Then it becomes a true preparation element and not have the overly frustrating bits. Not too bothered though :man_shrugging: