Make the usage of poison potions easier

Using poison potions is really cluncky, you have to open your inventory and place it on your weapon in your hotbar. I have tried using them for some time now and it happened several times that I did not place it on my weapon but a little bit above, making me drop the whole stack on the ground.

What I am suggesting is: Make it possible to place the poison into your hotbar, when activating it / using it one of the bottles gets placed on the weapon you are currently holding in your main hand (and only if it’s possible to use poison on them), kind of similar how it works for bows as you can place different arrow types on your hotbar and then switch them around by “using” them (pressing the number they are on).

This would make things so much easier and actually fun to use because as it is right now, poison bottles are just an annoyance.
You can’t really time the poisons to keep the stack up because you have to go to your inventory and place it on your weapon and accidentally dropping the poison in the process of placing it on your weapon is beyond annoying, sometimes it’s not even worth looking for the bag afterwards if it rolled down a hill.


Yeah i don’t understand why bows are so nice in that regard and poison is like that. And for the love of Crom, don’t say its for ‘‘balance reasons’’. Making something clunky just so it gets harder is not how you balance stuff.

FC pls <3

There’s poisonus weapons you can learn in the unnamed city, I also thought poison was clunky, until i got the recipe for those weapons. Poison is op.

Yeah but that’s not the point. I know you can get these weapons but the fact that even without having them skipping the poison potions completely is better than using them.
Right now they have no real benefit because of the stupid usage, they are pretty much fully irrelevant items because you could do more DPS by simply hitting the boss instead of standing still while searching for and applying the poison potion to the weapon.


Also keep in mind the alternate combo from using 1h battle axe with trowing axes in second hand, somehow it deals 10 stacks of poison as soon as the 4th attack and the dreidel combo starts, not sure if it’s intended or bug.

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