Potion Bar? (Title must be at least 15 characters)

I need a permanent slot for Antidotes as poison is out of control.

I don’t believe its gonna be fixed next patch as some things that have said to be fixed have not been fixed.

U have 8 slots, use one

Problem is i keep tool. god harvesting thing. food. drink. healing. torch. weapon. So when i’m trying to do things half the time i’m using potions when i don’t need them because its instant instead of a small cast time so prevent you from slapping everything into your gob.

I want a dedicated button for potions not on the bar so i don’t go through them when trying to do mundane stuff.

No you have 8 slot and that is alredy to mutch.
Its a bakanse on what you can use in youre belt, cant have everything. Dont make a WoW whit the hole screan full of buttons)

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been week since ive been poisoned by anything…dont stand right in front of bugs or snakes…

adapt your loadout to the situation, i personally keep my food & watter in my inventory, & the potion at 8 so i don’t missclick it^^

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I don’t either but the Reaper bugs sometimes don’t have to hit me to suddenly start stacking poison. And if i get tapped suddenly the poison stacks start going up.