Please check inventory first, aka Stop splitting my stacks

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the game automatically puts a usable item into the next empty hotbar slot. That’s not my gripe here. #8 is my “variable” hotbar slot. I like being able to clear that slot and craft a structure piece or placeable. I absolutely hate it when I’ve cleared a space on my hotbar for a building piece that’s almost finished crafting, and a worker bee occupies that slot instead of adding to the stack of bees that’s already in my inventory (because let’s be honest, gathering plant fiber is everyone’s favorite hobby). Or if I give my weapon to the blacksmith for repairs while I’m waiting for my walls to finish crafting, my weapon slot becomes occupied with a wall piece. If I want split stacks, I will split them myself. Please, Funcom. This is the only game mechanic that I hate. For the love of all things cute and fuzzy, please add it to the stack that’s in my backpack and stop splitting my stacks.

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