UI - QOL - mostly related to the hotbar management

2 things :

  • Allow to remove wielded tools/weapons/items from the hotbar. (for now, say you have a repair hammer in the hotbar and your character currently wield it, you cannot remove it from the hotbar. you must quit the inventory screen, unwield it, re-enter the inventory and move it to a chest/elsewhere. It is incredibly frustrating at times.

  • When equipping a “recipe” in the hotbar (i.e building wall recipe) it cannot be unequipped very easily. IT should be as easy to unequip as “empty” hotbar slots with “ghosts item” (i.e you put a stack of walls in the hotbar, place them all, there remain a “ghost wall” in that slot that can be unequipped)

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Ghost wall you just tractor it to the void. simply drag and drop between the menus and it disappear.

But one thing UI related horror doesn’t wanna disappear at all and that is the hated “You are over encumbered” message which is in the way like in every 3 seconds of the whole game.

It makes grabbing loot from containers (fishtraps, bodies, boxes …etc) very hard as you need to wait seconds till it disappears loot one or to items and and watch that text again. It would needed a fix like ages ago but unfortunately Funcom doesn’t even tried to make something with it.

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I agree with the spam of “overencumbered” messages ^^ : needlessly frustrating

The ghost wall can be removed easily, but the “recipe wall” (dragging a recipe into the hotbar) cannot. Or I don’t know how to do it.

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Oh yes that’s a Conansized pain in the butt.

BUT you can override it with another tool or weapon or something edible. Just drag that into the right slot.
maybe it exchanges place so from your inventory you need to drop. Or maybe it just disappears (I cannot remember clearly I used that function back at the start only.) :smiley:

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