Hotbar issues (xbox one)

Having two issues with hotbar on Xbox One. SOmetimes I can’t remove an item, and closing game can fix it. The other issue is my current one, and that is I’m unable to equip anything in my hotbar except bow, waterskin or food. Tried a number of different ways to fix it, but nothing.

EDIT: Solutions below worked. Thank you all so much.

I found that toggling through the SORT type in your inventory will “fix” the problem with pulling items out of Hotbar and adding items into the Hotbar. Not the best solution, but it works for me.

What Valk said, specifically sorting to “custom” in the inventory if you’re trying to take something off your hotbar and just make it an empty slot. You also can’t currently overwrite the same item (water bag with another water bag, or weapon with the same weapon), without shifting the slot to a different item first.

Some items can’t be mapped to the hotbar if they aren’t consumables or weapons.