Allow weapons switching even if equiped

This is a QoL suggestion. The amount of times i can’t switch my cleaver with my skinning knife because one is equiped is getting frustrating. Having to un-equip first then equip new one could be so much faster if it just auto unequiped when trying to switch items in hotbar/wheel.

With limited slots and so many tools we are always switching stuff in the hotbar/wheel and adding auto unequip to that process would be a nice QoL addition.


On PS4, you do not have to unequip. Just open radial menu of hot bar and toggle over and hit “x”.
@LordyMatsuo, are you talking about switching from inventory between weapons? If so, then just place both on your hot bar instead. It is limited to 8, but agin, choices are part of the game. What i usually keep on my hot bar when out and about non PVP, 1 weapon (spear or 2H), 1 water skin, 1 stack of farming food (low tier for hunger regen only), 2 picks, 1 skinner, 1 cleaver/hatchet. That leaves me 1 space open as a wildcard.
If you prefer 1h weapon, then the wild card becomes your off hand.

Im talking about when switching from inventory to hotbar. For example i can’t put my skinning knife on top of my cleaver to switch them on my hotbar if my cleaver is equiped. This is a QoL inmprovemet.

With a M/K i imagine its not too much of an issue due to speed you can move cursor around screen but on console its tedious steps that are not needed.

  1. Open inventory
  2. Search inventory to find Knife moving 1 square at a time
  3. Open hotbar/wheel and drag knife over cleaver
  4. Error can’t because cleaver is equiped
  5. Open hotbar wheel, un-equip cleaver
  6. Open inventory to find knife again
  7. Open hotbar wheel and switch

Its doubling the amount of effort needed for no reason. Just switch it even if its equiped. As i said QoL life change, im not asking to carry more items or make the game different :slight_smile:


It’s not exactly a difficult process, though.

I’ve around level 45 and honestly most of the time I’m unequipped when moving. I keep necessary stuff on my hotbar for emergencies.

Usually it’s like this.

Up: My weapon, usually a 1H sword
Up-Right: My shield.
Down: A truncheon mostly, maybe extra pick or tool for hunting stone/ore or wood.
Down-Left: My pick.
Left: My hatchet/cleaver
Up-Left: Either a skinning knife or food
Right: Usually this one gets changed by situation the most. Waterskin during travel, building pieces during construction, and so on.
Down-Right: When slaving it’s a binding, sometimes a torch otherwise.

If anything for a QoL, I say give us the ability to have a secondary bar.

For PS4, at least, it could be done as follows:

While L1 is held, press down on the Control Pad to swap between hotbars. Even if the second bar only gave us an additional four slots it would be a nice improvement.

A definite QoL addition would be to save a preset hotbar. Say whatever you currently have in the 8 slots, save a template of this. So you can fill 8 slots with building pieces and placeables for construction.

Then when you are done, the template is applied and those items in your inventory are placed back in the hotbar slots. No hassle with fixing it all again, or struggling to build using only 1-2 slots.

This happens to me a lot. You have to close the inventory, un-equip, and then open it again, which is annoying.


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