Macro help: switch weapon + switching toolbars

I’m looking for coding to make a macro that switches weapon and then switches the toolbars at the same time? I’m wanting to do this for classes that have skills only usable with certain weapons.

What you want can be achieved quite easily with autohotkey, im not home so i cant make it myself but the makro would be “weaponswapkey” pressed also presses alt+1 or alt +2, you can make it so that it chooses 1 or 2 evey other time.

Not sure i would want this tho, because you wont see the cooldown-timers for abilities bound to the weapon you dont have up currently

See that’s actually not what I’m wanting to do. I’m wanting to literally change the hotbars when a weapon swap is one. Weapon swap key just changes the weapons equipped from the upper one to the lower one in your character equipment panel. I know that for melee, you have quite a few attacks that are only available when you have a 2h weapon equipped (conq’s feint attack, batter aside, dancing steel, & hail of furious strikes all require 2HE/2HB equipped) or when you have a shield equipped (guardian’s shield sweep requires equipping 1HE/1HB + shield) or when you have a 1h equipped or are dualwielding (conq’s bloodbath, breach, bloody hack, and overwhelm all require you to be dualwielding a 1HE/1HB to use). I just don’t even want to see “unavailable” abilities on the toolbar if I don’t have the required weapons equipped. Switching hotbars is default shift + 1, shift + 2, and all the way down to shift + 0 for the last one. That’s what I want to change is what’s listed under the controls keybindings for “action button 1-13” that change when you switch hotbars with the default hotkey shift + 1 etc.

You have attacks like crowdcontrols on both 1h and 2h setup you want to keep track of. Not seeing when abilities come active again can cripple you because CCs are the key to efficient leveling and surviving bigger pulls. I see in your other thread you has issues with questbosses in tortage. Considering this, i take it as you might be new to the game. And an advice is to see all your abilities at all times. It might help you to install a custom ui which shows more attackbars at once in a more organized way

I agree with @Moriala about the Custom UI suggestion. Just to give you a quick example, I have the ranged attacks on 4-0 keys, and the melee attacks on R, T and Y.

I do have Strange UI which would allow me to see many more slots and hotbars. Being able to see them isn’t an issue. Its being able to see ONLY the ones related to the weapon you have equipped is what I’m wanting. I’m wanting to have my toolbars set up so that my keybinds use certain abilities in the slots based on the weapon I’m currently equipped with. The whole purpose of this post was to see if there was a macro for switching weapons and switching the active toolbar at the same time so that the toolbar I’m looking at shows the main hotkeys that the weapon equipped can use. It wasn’t meant to get told why I should do something else that someone else thinks I should be using. If there is no way to switch weapons & toolbars at the same time via a macro, that’s fine. If there is, I’d like someone to tell me what that macro would look like so I can use it.

I don’t get it. What’s the problem to use 1 row for 1h combos / abilities and 2nd row for 2h?

I dont think there is one because its a bad solution. Anyhow what i wrote before in my first post would work, it would swap the hotbar between 1 and 2 or whichever you wish when you press [swap weapon key]. Tho i dont know if it works having same keybind on diffrent hotbar rows, but you can easily test this before u make the makro

You would have to invest 1 minute of googling tho how to make a autohotkey-script.

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Beeing brutally honest here: this explains why you are not succesfull with your conq, if you can not see that Morialas advice is just common sense in this game. Not seeing the cd on the two types of combos on a weapon swapping class is just crippeling yourself for no reason. Using macros and/or custom uis should make gameplay easier and yourself better in playing, not activly make you a worse player. And no, I can not give you technical advice for your question, but I can contribute what everyone here in this thread has told you and what everyone ingame will tell you: Do not organize your bars in a way where you can not see the combos you want to use, meaning do not hide the combos of a weapon type (you use) on a class that heavily depends on weapon swapping, if your goal is to get better in this game. If you do not care, by all means, do as you please.


Most gaming mice and keyboards have built-in macro software. It would be easy to create a macro and add the function key for weapon swap followed up by the hot-bar switch all done by one key press and then another macro to switch back. If you lack any sort of ‘macro gadgetry’, you can do an internet search for ‘free macro software’ and go from there.

Hey look I did it for you.

My issues with my conq have literally nothing to do with this issue. I have played many games in the past where weapon swapping was part of the core gameplay of certain classes (ESO, GW2) which automatically change the toolbars when you’ve changed weapons. I have played other games where certain classes needed to weapon swap in order to do certain skills (WoW’s warrior needing to equip a shield in order to shield bash or spell reflect). My issues with my conq are that I feel weak and do very little damage. My wanting a macro that changes my toolbars when I weapon swap is so I can have just my weapon type specific skills show up on my focus bars. Its the default 1-9 buttons that are in the dead center of your toolbars which change when you change toolbars by pressing the default shift +1 & shift +2 commands. Having ALL of my skills on my toolbars (I use Strange UI’s 3x21 so there are way more than enough slots to see ALL of my skills + extra things including various pets I want to summon) which DON’T move lets me still see.

Saying you have enough room for all your abilities doesnt make sense.

In that case you would need to have all your abilities from 1-9 from both 2h and 1h on a additional spot in your ui to be able to keep track of your cooldowns. But hey I give up.

Hope someone can make your wishes come true.

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That’s actually exactly what I have set up now so I can see the cooldowns for each of them. The 2H cooldowns on are on the left side and the 1H skills are on the right side. I can see each of them regardless of what weapon I have equipped or if I switched toolbars. I don’t understand why this is difficult for you to grasp because it is literally an easy concept. But if you are unable or not knowledgeable of making a macro that is able to do a weapon swap AND toolbar change in one simple button, I guess there’s no reason for you to reply instead of giving me reasons why you think I don’t need what I would like to have.

I gave you the solution already and friendly advice to why I dont think its a good idea as a bonus. Take it or leave it but your spoiled entitledness makes me think you’ll have a hard time having someone make it for you.

Again, Autohotkey. Look it up, there’s guides on youtube and written online. Its actually not complicated.

“I didnt ask for advice, i didnt ask for ways to do it myself, just make the makro for me god damnit”

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I think you make it too complicated. Moreover, do it this way may have issue like swapped weapon without switching bar due to all kind of lags. You can actually macro two kind weapon combos into one key, so they dont interupt each other. What you really need to is swap weapon only.


#IfWinActive, Age of Conan ;only active script when Age of Conan is active window

;-----------------------------Cooldown Timers-------------------------------------------------------
; Use only simple key names. Avoid characters not valid in variable names.
SendButNotTooOften(key, frequency)
; If key has not been sent before
if (last_%key% = “”
; or has not been sent in the last %frequency% milliseconds…
|| A_TickCount-last_%key% > frequency)
Send %key%
last_%key% := A_TickCount
return true
return false
;----------------------------------End Cooldown Timers---------------------------------------------------
;------------------------------- START Hotkey Press Versions---------------------------------------------
~G:: ;Buffs (Hotkey Click)
sleep 200
send Z
sleep 300
send X
sleep 400
send C
;-------------------------------END Mouse Click Macros---------------------------------------------------------

If you download autohotkey and run this macro (with a few edits) you can do what you want to do with it… I used this for my barbarian full reaver spec in pvp to pop all my buffs at once when I have someone cc’d. It does not work perfectly all the time of course if it’s spammed. This is just a template and maybe you can work with this to make it suitable for what you’re trying to accomplish… I got this code from someone, and I edited it just a bit to pop all my buffs. I would try to tailor this to you, but that would require some time and I rather not do it. Save this as a .txt or a notepad file and when you’ve downloaded .ahk just run it from there.

Just a simple macro to press buttons, if this doesn’t help just bind shift + r and shift + 2 or whatever toolbar you wish to change to - e.g. go into settings, keys or binds, change shift + r to your scroll wheel or mouse button and change toolbar to the number 2 and in chat you’ll just have to type two instead of 2 lol idk?