Recipes do not appear after learning them

Game mode: CO-OP

Type of issue: BUG

Server type: PVE


Mods?: NO MODS

Edition: STEAM - Exiled Lands Map

Bug Description:

Recipes are not visible in crafting tables after the necessary feats have been learned. The recipes were previously available, but now they do not appear.

EXAMPLES: I cannot craft any of the fodders used to craft the different pet companions or mounts, nor can see the recipes to combine the fodders and the pets / mounts in my handcrafting menu.

I cannot craft any saddles in the saddle table except light, medium, and heavy horse saddle. I previously could craft all the way up to the Heavy Rhino Saddle

Expected Behavior:

Recipes should be visible in the crafting tables and handcrafting menus

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

I am not sure. Maybe it is related to unlearning feats using the Yellow Lotus Potion. I play Co-Op and this is the third time this has happened, and we suspect it is related to re-feating. The only way we’ve found to “fix” it is start a completely new map. It also only appears to affect the host, as we swapped hosting with each restart and it has never happened to the hosted player

Is no one else having this issue? Is it a known issue that is currently being resolved? This bug is preventing me from playing the game, and I would like to know if there’s something I can do to fix it or if it’s a bug that will ever get fixed?

I’ve found several bug reports from years ago stating the same issue. That doesn’t give me much hope that this is going to be resolved anytime soon.

Thread 1 - May 2019

Issue forwarded to devs, but thread died with no further updates.

Thread 2 - July 2019

The only solution I have to this issue is to restart on a fresh map. I can’t play the game if it’s going to force me to restart every week.

This is a stab in the dark but did you respec your feats by any chance? I ask because sometimes you have a crafting station already but need to have the feat to make the recipes appear

I was seeing this on shadespiced foods. They just disappeared from the stove menu. Once I relearned the lowest tier of the animal pen they came back

I think for the fodder you must have a stable currently unlocked?

Yes. I have respec’d multiple times using the Yellow Lotus Flower. I don’t think the issue is with me not knowing the appropriate feats, though. For example, I can craft the light, medium, and heavy horse saddles. The feats to learn those are also the feats you need to craft the various rhino saddles. In other words, if I can craft the horse saddles, I should be able to craft the rhino saddles also.

That’s not the case, though. I can craft the horse saddles, but the rhino saddles are not available to me. In fact, all of the saddle recipes are missing except for the generic light, medium, and heavy horse saddles.

I can confirm that this has happened to me as well. Upon transfering my character from EL to Siptah, I was able to make Glowing Sticks, and Glowing Standing Torches. When I used a Yellow Lotus Potion to respec, I lost the feat and thus cannot make them anymore. Plus, the recipe is non-existent on Siptah.

Could you please post a screenshot of your saddle feats and one with what you see in the bench?

Post one with the fodder feats as well + one from your alchemist bench.

Apparently I cannot share each screenshot individually for some reason. However, the following URL should take you to my Steam screenshot page. It contains 4 screenshots that show I have learned all of the Fodder and Saddle feats, but that neither the fodder nor the majority of the saddles are available to craft at their respective benches. Let me know if the link isn’t working correctly.

To be clear, my issue is completely unrelated to map transferred characters. We have only ever played on the Exiled Land map. With that said, our issues might still be related.

I think it is related. Seems like ingesting a yellow lotus potions erases all feats learned from a scroll or a tablet. Wish the devs would look into this.

I finally found a solution to my issue. Might work for you.

Possible minimal effort solution

  1. Copy character to other map.
  2. Copy from that map back to original map.
  3. Recipes might be fixed

What I did that definitely worked

  1. Consume Yellow Lotus Potion to reset feats to 0 spent.
  2. Copy character from Exiled Lands to Isle of Siptah
  3. Spend feat points on new map to learn previously missing recipes
  4. Copy character from Isle of Siptah back to Exiled Lands
  5. Recipes were fixed. I can now craft everything again. Issue resolved

Hope that helps!

I will try to transfer to EL from Siptah, and try to regain some of the feats, then transfer back to the Siptah server.

Still, this should not have happened, as defined by the FAQ posted by Funcom about character transfer: Character Transfer - Conan Exiles

Namely; and I quote:

When transferring your character to another server you will keep the following:

Feats (the ones you do not get automatically)

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Hey everybody,

We’ve sent a heads-up to our team so they can look at the information posted in this thread so we can address any unintended functionality of the tool.

Thank you very much! Looking forward to this problem to be resolved. I miss my Dredge feat on Siptah.

Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me? I drank a potion of yellow lotus and all the recipes I learned were removed, both from the island of the sipta, and others who learn from the tablets. I play on pvp servers. The character was transferred 2 times. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to be?

And then it’s a shame, the character cannot be transferred to the sipta for 7 days and learn all this again …

It is a bug with the respec potions.

Hey there,

Quick update: We have fixed this issue internally and will come out in update 2.6. Thanks for the feedback provided.


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

After i transfer to siptah i have all my recipes from the exiles land, but either when i relog or after i use lotus potion i lost all my feats/recipes from there, i lost all the recipes from the library (unnamed city) and also the armors from the dungeons. I play on this character too many hours to loose all the recipes i farm in EL, pls check it out and unlock them back in my character

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1 Transfer your lvl 60 character from EL to Siptah
  2. Step 2 Log in Siptah and recipes still there
  3. Step 3 Relog or use lotus potion
  4. Step 4 All the recipes are gone
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I’m not sure if I should add to this or start another thread since I have the same issue.

Game Mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server Type: PvP
Region: America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I transferred to Siptah just the other day. I also had all my recipes from Exiles to include every feat from the esoteric Library, Midnight Potions, Dragon armor and weapons, Warmaker Armor and Weapons; Black Ice keep Armor and weapons, reptililian etcetera… the only stuff I did not have was the Lumerian Armor and weapons… I also had all the priests.

Just like the op, I had everything when I got there. This morning I used a yellow lotus potion after I logged on and when I went to make some dragonbone armor it was gone and everything was gone. Languages learned too. I can’t say if it was the potion or the relogging for sure. I did notice that when I went I hit escape and went to log out that the server information was not under the quit button like normal so not sure if it’s part of the issue. If you do a server transfer beware. I wouldn’t bother until the bug is fixed. I also don’t know if funcom will be giving back everything lost.

Steps that may have caused it…
Step 1. Tranfer level 60 Character from Exiles to Siptah
Step 2. Log in and everything is fine. All recipes and feats there including all priests.
Step 3. Possibly caused by relogging or use of a yellow lotus potion.
Step 4. I’m probably screwed. Everything I mentioned is gone.

Do not use yellow lotus potion after a transfer it will erase feats.

Use Potion of Bestial Memory instead to reset attributes.

@Community can you please fix this?

Same problem. That is why the desire to play has disappeared.

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP |
Region: EU
Edition:: Steam

Bug Description:

After eating the yellow lotus, all additional recipes that I learned from both the island of the sipta and from another server of exiles disappeared. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to be?

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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