Recruiting New and Existing Players for Private Exile Map PVE Server! Come play with us!

Hello all!

My name is CryptikHavokTTV! I am a twitch streamer focused solely on Conan Exiles content, and have a private server for the Exiles map that I want to grow a community in! Currently the clan is at 7 but I would ideally like to grow to about 20 for bigger plans down the road.

The server is mostly on default settings, no mods, and is set up to play the game the way it is meant to be played! I, and the clan have no expectation of you other than to play and not be sabotaging or weird. We will happily help new players, teach you the ins and outs or just leave you to chop wood if you like! We all feel this is an amazing game and want to see it grow!

For those new or experienced, all we really want in the clan is to explore everything there is to do in the game and have a lot of fun doing so! The content of the server and channel is very adult so you must be 18+ to play as the server is also on full nudity.

Settings and disclaimers can be seen at: Twitch and discord can be joined here: CryptikHavok's Community Server

Feel free to message here, or in discord, or in whisper on Twitch, or in chat if I am live about the server!

See you in the Exiled Lands!