Recurring disconnections, is unfeasible

Please, what’s going on? We can not play more on the official servers xxox for more than 10 minutes without a fall, not to mention that two or 3 times in the day the server crashes and It is more than an hour out. I want more respect for us. I demand a response, please


I agree. I get lots of disconnects too during fights. There’s also server ping jumping from 100 to 600 in seconds, blocking me from logging in. I’ve lost so much stuf, it’s tedious to play.
I am hoping someone is looking into these disconnects because it’s the number 1 issue right now.


I have to play 3 different servers because 2880 crashes too much and cant enjoy pvec on it, 7056 crashes during purges every time multiple times, and private server same thing with disconnects during fights and purges.

I continuously get disconnected from server over and over while fighting it really sucks to level up a thrall and then have the thrall die because I continuously get disconnected from your server please fix this on xbox 1S before you release more content make the c*** that you have work

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The constant getting disconnected from servers makes this game almost unplayable which is sad because I love this game

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